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secret message bracelet

liz lamoreux

My wish for you today:

May you remember you are enough just as you are.
May you hold onto the truth that you are worthy. (Honey, you were born worthy.)
May you connect with the light within you and move from the wisdom that rests there.
May you let yourself be open to all that is to come.
May you feel the bravery that lives deep inside and let it lead you.
May you trust that you are loved even when, always when, things don’t go as planned.
May you know in every one of your cells that you are whole.

These words are the reason why I created The Secret Message Bracelets

Because I want you to hold onto your truths no matter what. Because I want you to whisper these words to yourself until they’re tattooed on your heart. Because I want you to know you’re not alone over there.



Why a secret message? Because sometimes you want to wear words close to you that only you know about, so these secret message bracelets are hand stamped on the inside of the bracelet with the “I am” message you most need. You can also choose one of our other favorite Soul Mantras or customize with your own phrase.

i am bracelet_front.jpg


To the outside world, you’re simply wearing a very sweet bracelet

But you know the truth you’re holding close to you.



I can’t wait to send one with love from my little studio right to you. Find them right here in the Soul Mantras shop. You can also customize them with the words you most need, and we can stamp words on both sides to represent The And Space

words and talismans

liz lamoreux

For the last three weeks, my assistant Bonnie and I have been busy every weekday in the studio hammering and packaging and singing along with Mumford and Sons and Adele and soaking up all the stories that arrive with the word of the year orders.

This year it's been all about the hearts

The pocket talismans I create are one of my favorite things because they invite you into the mindfulness of having a mantra or word that guides you. You can hold them in your hand, put them next to your bed, place them on an altar, and even have them at your desk at work.

They become a tangible connection to your word.

And they've become one of the most popular items I've ever created.

This. Makes. Me. So. Happy.

You can find the customizable talismans here and the other phrases I carry regularly right here.

I hope your 2016 is continuing to unfold with light and love.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

blue moon dreaming

liz lamoreux


Last week, we had a blue moon, which means we had an extra full moon during this season. And as Pixie explained in her newsletter, it's rare. The next one won't be until 2018. Pixie went on to talk about creating a ceremony where you honor nature's magical cycles and the wisdom inside you and create an intention for yourself that you sing to the moon (literally or in a metaphorical way). 

So I read her words and thought about the kind of ceremony I wanted to create. I love her imagery of the full moon bringing things into the light. But then I didn't set aside the alone time to do it. Summer evenings have a way of getting away from me, and I simply didn't plan well enough to make it happen.

However, I found myself awake in the middle of the night with that moon shining in on me. And I started thinking.

I started thinking about this place where I'm standing these days with a desire to step onto a larger stage. A desire to expand and create the gatherings and teachings and other good things that support women as they create space for quiet, for stillness, and for joy, as they navigate what it means to really live in the space between the beauty and the mess one move at a time. A desire to dive deep and trust that you will come along.

And I started thinking about the longings I have for my own little family, for my day-to-day life. 

Words like courage and "do it anyway" and listen and softness and "tell it" and "focus in" and "what can you set down?" began to float up around me as the moon was shining in.

As I laid there, my head on the pillow, the fan whirring while Jon slept beside me, I tried to just stay in it, breathing, noticing, letting the words and hopes swirl together in a dance and then settle around me. Inhale. Exhale. Trusting the holiness of the moment.

Later in the day, I went out to my studio and gathered up visual reminders that represented that dance and put them on my pinboard so I could see them every day, so I could stand tall in this intention and desire.

No, it wasn't the ceremony I envisioned at first, but instead it became a powerful declaration of who I am right now and where I want to go all while surrounded by the powerful wisdom and strength of so many of my kindreds.

This inspiration board includes postcards and artwork from the following beautiful souls (clockwise from the top left): 

These colors, these women, these hopes, this belief that I can embody the life I want, this is a peek at my heart these days.

And I'm putting a note in my Get to Work Book to change this up monthly so I can keep that energy, that inspiration and connection, flowing. Yes yes yes.

flag sets are in the shop!

liz lamoreux

Over Memorial Day weekend, Ellie and I made a set of prayer flags for her room and another set to hang outside on my studio. It was pretty magical! I want to tell the whole story of making them with Ellie in another post soon (it was her first time sewing with a sewing machine!), but today, I want to share that I had so much fun creating them that I couldn't stop myself from wanting to make more. So I'm having a pre-sale of flag sets in the shop!

I've been creating flag sets in various styles for almost 10 years. All my flag sets are inspired by Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags and Apache burden baskets. As I create them, I'm singing away in my studio as I infuse them with love and joy and wishes of light and peace for you. When you hang them inside or outside your home, let them carry your prayers, wishes, burdens, hopes, worries, and deepest dreams and then release them into the world as they blow in the breeze. 

These flag sets are available just through Thursday of this week! Creating these brings me so much joy, but due to time and other projects, these flags aren't always available in the shop. So if you'd like a set or two, place your order now. They'll come packaged in a sweet little cloth bag ready to give as a gift or hang up in your home. 

Introducing the Soul Talismans

liz lamoreux


The Soul Talisman is a one-of-a-kind necklace made just for you in my little studio in the Pacific Northwest. The intention behind this offering is that it will become your companion as the gemstones chosen just for you support what you most need. 

While I create your necklace, I will be holding you in my heart and blessing your stones and your stories. Your necklace will be infused with love and light and will be cleansed with sage before it is packaged up and sent to you.

I think of each necklace as deep soul work that I create the foundation for here in my corner as I gather and wire wrap and sing in my studio, and then I send it off to you as a reminder to begin tending to the seeds of that soul work in your corner.

Here's how it will work. You answer a few questions about where you are on your path right now along with a couple of style questions.

I was amazed that you could know me so well having only the few questions/answers.  It was wonderful to know the meaning behind why you chose those specific components for me and my necklace and showed exactly how much care and intention goes into your work.

- Deb

I light a candle in my studio and read your words. Then I sit in the quiet thinking about what you've shared and gather the stones that will support you.

Your chosen stones then sit on my altar overnight soaking up the blessings and wisdom that space holds. 

I set aside another block of time just for you where I bless the stones in light and love and then hand wire wrap them and create your special necklace. Then I handwrite a letter that shares the story behind your necklace, why the gemstones were chosen and other good things.

I cleanse your necklace with sage and choose an additional larger gemstone to include in your package that you can sit on your altar or carry with you in your pocket.

Then I gather it all together, along with a few other surprises, and send it off with love to you.

Please note: I will be choosing these gemstones for you from my collection in my studio. They will be stones that connect to what you've shared with me in our email exchange. I will also ask you a few style questions (such as length) but this offering invites you to trust what I'll create for you.

"The packaging and care that went into it was great. The handwritten note explaining the process and the stones chosen has already been read and reread several times. Love love love it! The amethyst and the note have been added to the alter I keep right in my closet so I see them at the start and end of each day."

- Kirsten

Sizes: There are two sizes to choose from with this offering: Small and Medium.

The smaller necklaces will have daintier gemstones and the entire pendant will be smaller in size. The smaller necklace is $115. Here are some examples. 

The medium necklaces will be larger with slightly larger gemstones that create a larger pendant. The medium necklace is $135. Here are some examples. 


To start the process, please choose which size you'd like and pay via PayPal below. The prices include US shipping. International customers, please choose international shipping, which is an additional $7.

SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE: As a gift from me to you, the price below reflects a 15% off holiday special. This price will be available through December 5. If you'd like to receive your talisman before Christmas, please order by December 5. Orders placed after the 5th will begin shipping out around December 31. 

Sizes and Shipping

After I receive your order confirmation, I'll email you a questionnaire (at your PayPal email address) so we can get started. (If you want me to send it to a different email address, please email me and let me know.) Because of the special time set aside with this offering, your custom necklace will take 1-3 weeks to create.

If you have any questions, please email me.

you are awesome

liz lamoreux

These new stickers are making me so happy. The colors! The phrases! I'm putting them everywhere and handing these You Are Awesome stickers out to people who make my day.

And the Love Wins stickers...well, I pretty much want to stick one everywhere I go to remind us all that we can choose love. 

Yes. We. Can.

And these Five Deep Breaths reminders? Well, they are going all over my house + on the inside cover of my current journal + on a travel coffee mug and how the list goes on.

You can find all these in the shop + a new variety pack that includes the Hello Beautiful Soul sticker.

I hope you have as much with them as I'm having over here!

the extra imperfect locket sale

liz lamoreux

All of my jewelry is meant to be a bit imperfect because it is stamped by hand, but sometimes lockets can get a little "extra" imperfect. This happens because they are vintage and have scratches and dents and spots. It also happens because sometimes my stamp slips when I hammer and a letter is slightly double stamped.

I've put these "extra" imperfect lockets on sale in my shop at 40% off!

Even in their imperfections, these lockets are all beautiful and hold the mindfulness intentions and love of the full-price lockets in my shop. There are a handful left and you can find them right here. UPDATE: All extra imperfect lockets have sold out. Thank you! I'll have another sale this summer. 

And I realized that I don't think I've ever shared that all my jewelry comes with a postcard sharing the story of the Soul Mantra jewelry. It says:

Sometimes we need a traveling companion to remind us to be present to the beauty and truth that surround us. We need to be reminded to shine a light on what is real, to heal, to dance inside joy. We need to be gently pushed to find our way to laughter and fill the cracks that life creates. We need an invitation to stand tall and give ourselves permission to rest.

The Soul Mantra jewelry collection is filled with talismans to carry with you on your journey. When you feel the jewelry resting against your skin or notice it on your dresser before you put it on, give yourself permission to bring awareness to your breathing. Inhale and speak your mantra. Exhale and let whatever you need from the mantra settle over you.

I feel so blessed to be sending these talismans into the world. Thank you so much for your continued support.



a word of the year :: a practice

liz lamoreux

Over here, I'm surrounded by words as I get back into my studio and begin to hammer words of the year into necklaces and bracelets.

I feel so blessed to read all the notes coming in with these words and the stories behind why certain words have been chosen. A handful of the words people have shared with me so far:


I love how choosing a word invites us to let go of having resolutions that so often invite in guilt and "not-enoughness." This practice gently pushes me to look forward with self-kindness and think about how I most want the next year to unfold, which is a natural thing to focus on as the calendar changes. As I've mentioned before, as I choose a word, I think about all that could happen in a year, and I want my word to be a companion that brings me back to center amidst whatever beauty and uncertainty await.

If you are called to this practice and aren't sure where to begin, here's a link to a post I shared last year that might be helpful to you: A Word to Guide the Way.

Along with spending time journaling about my word each month, I'm going to follow along with Ali's One Little Word class this year. I'll be sharing more about my word for 2014, wildness, and why I've chosen it in another post this week. I'll also be sharing a bit about how my word for 2013, water, didn't really "do it for me," and how I let it go months ago and how that felt totally okay. I really continued working with my 2012 word, whole, this year and a few other words.

(It is okay to totally make up your own rules when it comes to a guiding practice for the year. Truly. It is.)

This year, I've added a new Word of the Year design to the shop (that has plenty of space for those longer words) and have added gemstone and bird charm options to the old favorites. The new pewter necklaces are also customizable and there is a pocket talisman option too.

Just send over any questions that you have as you look through the shop. I love this time of year, and it feels deeply sacred to me to create these for you.

And each order will come with this special blessing postcard that incorporates your word of the year. (If you ordered your Word of the Year necklace from my shop before Christmas and would like one, just send me an email and I will send one to you in the mail.)

And I really want you to hear me say this: Choosing a word of the year isn't for everyone. In fact, I know it makes some people feel rebellious or even overwhelmed. I'm going to write a post about some other ideas for you later this week, but I do want you to know that I've created something just for you.

This little star is for those who don't feel called to choose a word for the year (or can't choose just one), but do feel ready to stand tall in their own light as they walk into a new year. You can add a gemstone to create an intention as well. And the truth is, shining in your own light is really the best intention of all today and every day of the year.

And if you are thinking, "Oh please, somebody just give me a word," consider the "Mystery Soul Mantra" necklace. Add a sentence or two with where you are right now on your path in the "Notes to Seller" box over on Etsy, and I'll hold you in my thoughts and heart for a moment, breathe deeply, and choose one for you from my little bowl of Soul Mantras.

Thank you for the light you share. So deeply blessed to be doing this work.