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the extra imperfect locket sale

liz lamoreux

All of my jewelry is meant to be a bit imperfect because it is stamped by hand, but sometimes lockets can get a little "extra" imperfect. This happens because they are vintage and have scratches and dents and spots. It also happens because sometimes my stamp slips when I hammer and a letter is slightly double stamped.

I've put these "extra" imperfect lockets on sale in my shop at 40% off!

Even in their imperfections, these lockets are all beautiful and hold the mindfulness intentions and love of the full-price lockets in my shop. There are a handful left and you can find them right here. UPDATE: All extra imperfect lockets have sold out. Thank you! I'll have another sale this summer. 

And I realized that I don't think I've ever shared that all my jewelry comes with a postcard sharing the story of the Soul Mantra jewelry. It says:

Sometimes we need a traveling companion to remind us to be present to the beauty and truth that surround us. We need to be reminded to shine a light on what is real, to heal, to dance inside joy. We need to be gently pushed to find our way to laughter and fill the cracks that life creates. We need an invitation to stand tall and give ourselves permission to rest.

The Soul Mantra jewelry collection is filled with talismans to carry with you on your journey. When you feel the jewelry resting against your skin or notice it on your dresser before you put it on, give yourself permission to bring awareness to your breathing. Inhale and speak your mantra. Exhale and let whatever you need from the mantra settle over you.

I feel so blessed to be sending these talismans into the world. Thank you so much for your continued support.