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Hello over there. I’m Liz Lamoreux.

I’m a teacher who creates ecourses and workshops about self-care, creativity, mindfulness, and ways we can say “yes” to this moment and all that it might bring.

I’m the author of Inner Excavation, a book of poetry called Five Days in April, and two journals - Being Seen and In This Moment: A Field Guide and Photo Album.

I’m a guide who hosts the Be Present Retreats, which are gatherings in the Pacific Northwest that bring women together to play with paint and paper and words, to talk about the true stories, to connect deeply with kindred spirits, and to begin to chart a course toward where they most want to go in their lives.

I’m a maker who designs and creates jewelry and gathers tools and talismans for my shop Soul Mantras.

I’m a curator of inspiration and favorite things over on Pinterest, where daily I share my finds with more than 3.5 million people.

And lately I’ve been saying, “I’m an Ambassador of Worthiness” because I really hope that the work I do in the world invites you to know that you are worthy of love, of living the life you most want for yourself and your loved ones, of believing that you are enough.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

If we were having tea together today, here’s what I’d want you to know:


You aren’t alone over there. 

You are whole (even in the spaces where you might feel a little broken).

And you can take steps to build a bridge between right now and where you want to go one move at a time. Starting today. (I really do believe this.)

What I want to do is help you listen to the wisdom inside you so you can begin to build that bridge as you navigate The And Space - the place where we all reside as we hold the beauty and the grit that makes up our daily lives.



A little bit about where I come from:

When I was ten, my mom thought I would enjoy 4H, so I started sewing and baking that summer. The other girls created mid-80s inspired mini skirts, but I created a calico skirt and matching floral drawstring bag because I wanted to look like Laura Ingalls. Closing my eyes, I am right back to that mosquito-filled dusty midwest night when I modeled my green honorable mention ribbon and my navy blue with little flowers skirt, my hair long down my back and my smile wide with giddiness. 

During my teens, I surrounded myself with books that became my best friends and got a bit lost in the world of writing (lots of teenage angsty half-filled notebooks during those years). After getting a degree in psychology at the University of Notre Dame, my soul-searching adventures transported me into the world of poetry, yoga, and meditation.

Then I turned 30. And around that time I began to feel a bit more at home with myself. I completed a two-year yoga teacher training and began writing my blog in the fall of 2005. An experience with deep grief cracked me open at that time and writing + photography + poetry saved me.

When I experienced a traumatic birth when my daughter was born and then she needed life saving open heart surgery at four months old, I began to deeply understand that seeing the beauty in the midst of the hard stuff, the shit, the messy everyday stuff would help me to heal the cracks that living creates. This intersection of beauty and messy is what I am drawn to write about and talk about on my blog, in my newsletter stories, and when I sit down with someone for a cup of tea.

I like to just get to the juicy good stuff, the real stuff, and create a space where those kinds of stories can be shared.

Today, I live in the Puget Sound area with my husband, our (healthy, always on the move, chatting up everyone she meets) eight-year-old-daughter Eleanor, and our little white dog, Lyle. You can often find me in my studio surrounded by poetry, photos, paper and paints and words, several journals, and a mug of coffee. 

You can connect with me by email at liz.lamoreux@gmail.com or through this email form on my site.