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a word of the year :: a practice

liz lamoreux

Over here, I'm surrounded by words as I get back into my studio and begin to hammer words of the year into necklaces and bracelets.

I feel so blessed to read all the notes coming in with these words and the stories behind why certain words have been chosen. A handful of the words people have shared with me so far:


I love how choosing a word invites us to let go of having resolutions that so often invite in guilt and "not-enoughness." This practice gently pushes me to look forward with self-kindness and think about how I most want the next year to unfold, which is a natural thing to focus on as the calendar changes. As I've mentioned before, as I choose a word, I think about all that could happen in a year, and I want my word to be a companion that brings me back to center amidst whatever beauty and uncertainty await.

If you are called to this practice and aren't sure where to begin, here's a link to a post I shared last year that might be helpful to you: A Word to Guide the Way.

Along with spending time journaling about my word each month, I'm going to follow along with Ali's One Little Word class this year. I'll be sharing more about my word for 2014, wildness, and why I've chosen it in another post this week. I'll also be sharing a bit about how my word for 2013, water, didn't really "do it for me," and how I let it go months ago and how that felt totally okay. I really continued working with my 2012 word, whole, this year and a few other words.

(It is okay to totally make up your own rules when it comes to a guiding practice for the year. Truly. It is.)

This year, I've added a new Word of the Year design to the shop (that has plenty of space for those longer words) and have added gemstone and bird charm options to the old favorites. The new pewter necklaces are also customizable and there is a pocket talisman option too.

Just send over any questions that you have as you look through the shop. I love this time of year, and it feels deeply sacred to me to create these for you.

And each order will come with this special blessing postcard that incorporates your word of the year. (If you ordered your Word of the Year necklace from my shop before Christmas and would like one, just send me an email and I will send one to you in the mail.)

And I really want you to hear me say this: Choosing a word of the year isn't for everyone. In fact, I know it makes some people feel rebellious or even overwhelmed. I'm going to write a post about some other ideas for you later this week, but I do want you to know that I've created something just for you.

This little star is for those who don't feel called to choose a word for the year (or can't choose just one), but do feel ready to stand tall in their own light as they walk into a new year. You can add a gemstone to create an intention as well. And the truth is, shining in your own light is really the best intention of all today and every day of the year.

And if you are thinking, "Oh please, somebody just give me a word," consider the "Mystery Soul Mantra" necklace. Add a sentence or two with where you are right now on your path in the "Notes to Seller" box over on Etsy, and I'll hold you in my thoughts and heart for a moment, breathe deeply, and choose one for you from my little bowl of Soul Mantras.

Thank you for the light you share. So deeply blessed to be doing this work.