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getting outside.

liz lamoreux


Getting outside. Five deep breaths. Noticing the beauty in my corner.

These are the practices I return to again and again.

These are the practices that act like handholds...helping me find my way each day.

Last week, on a really hard and sad day, the sun was shining anyway. And seeing that blue sky pushed me to gather up my little family and go to a park near our home and soak up the beauty of just being alive.

And the beauty was there even as I sat on a log looking out at the water with grief in one hand and the real solid truth that I am still here in the other. While my husband and daughter ran back and forth across the rocks and her laughter was contagious to all who walked by, I took five deep breaths and then five more. As the space inside me grew with each breath, the beauty enveloped me like a comforting shawl. 



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