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the file drawer {1}

liz lamoreux


My best ideas come in the shower. Always. Something about the rhythm of the water and the time to just let my mind rest in the ritual of bathing creates just enough space for ideas to rise to the surface. Some days I'm dripping wet as I grab a dry erase marker and scribble the idea on the bathroom mirror. Other days I just keep repeating it to myself until I'm dressed and can write it in my idea journal. 

The idea of this new blog series came to me in the shower last week. Because I spend part of my day curating good things over on Pinterest, I come across some really wonderful things that I want to share with you. So often, I also want to share articles and videos and blog post and poems too. So this series will be my way of gathering these finds in one place like a file drawer of happiness, wisdom, silliness, thoughtfulness and other good things I don't want to forget. I do this already from time to time, but I'm going to try to share these lists weekly.

Several bloggers I adore do these kinds of link posts and I have to admit that I love them every single time. It is like we get to meet up for tea and say, "Hey, did you know about this?" Hope you enjoy!

Now on to the first installment:

Loving Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. But with this one, Paul Rudd stole the show. Oh and this is now my second favorite version of "Let It Go." (My favorite part is that they are just having fun. And it isn't perfect. And that puts a big smile on my face. And gosh that girl can sing. That last 30 seconds. Wow!!)

Because some days really are a hot mess (and that is okay honey).

Mister Rogers is one of my heroes. (I actually have a lot to say about that simple sentence but will save it for a longer post soon.) I came across this article from the filmmaker who made "Mister Rogers & Me" that lists 46 things he learned while making the film. A must read.

Love that is thick. A call to action. Yes.

This sweatshirt is on my wish list.

Eight unexpected ways to use your Smartphone is full of really good ideas. A screenshot of your e-ticket might be my fave.

I keep trying to pretend this isn't true over here, but sometimes I am totally losing sleep because of my iPad. (Sigh. Working on it. Can we try to work on it together?)

My favorite owl mug from West Elm is on sale!

I really want to bake these cookies. (Well, mostly, I just really want to eat them.)

I love Wil Wheaton's blog. I've been reading it for a few weeks now. I've become a big fan.

And that quote at the top of this post had me saying a big YES when I read it. I'm already anticipating the laughter that will surround me when I gather with kindreds at my next retreat later this month. I cannot wait.

Hope your weekend is full of good things and rest and laughter. Yes.

Note: A couple of the above links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase from that online store.