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unicorns, mermaids, and rainbows {i heart makers}

liz lamoreux

Be The Mermaid by Kelly Barton

Over the weekend, Jon, Ellie, and I were having a somewhat quiet afternoon (okay, it was not all that quiet because life with our five year old is not quiet, but it was a bit chill). I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw all these awesome people hanging out at Urban Craft Uprising and couldn't handle not going. So off we went with just a few hours to spare.

And it was so awesome to be in a room filled with so many amazing makers and people who love handmade.

Ellie was full of so much energy and joy finding all the booths with stuffies and chatting up anyone who wanted to talk. Oh this kid. How she makes my life so much brighter. 

I found some really fantastic handmade goods that I'll be sharing in a few posts this month (I want to take some photos first of a few). As we were driving home, I started thinking about creating a new blog series here about all the handmade (or designed by makers) goods I find when I have on my curating hat and am sharing things over on Pinterest.

So here we are: The first "I Heart Makers" column! I'll be spotlighting some of my favorite makers, some of my favorite products that I use and wear and have in my home, along with a few fun things that catch my eye as I'm perusing the Internet.

Today, I'm spotlighting "Unicorns, Mermaids, and Rainbows" because those three things are current favorites for Ellie and me. As she would say, "We LOVE LOVE LOVE unicorns and rainbows and mermaids too, don't we Mama?" Yes, honey. Yes. We. Do.

You might have seen this photo of me sporting my sparkly unicorn horn over on Instagram. It just delights me. My dear friend Alli gave it to me and she found it in Brooklyn Owl's Etsy shop. It's the perfect thing to put on when you're about to drive away from the ocean-front home where you've hosted a retreat and are feeling the sads come on.

(image from MilbotandChooky)

This rainbow cloud mobile is so adorable and from MilbotandChooky on Etsy. They have quite a few happy mobiles and garlands.

(image from Yikes Twins)

Last month, we found this awesome unicorn towel for Eleanor at Pottery Barn Kids (she sometimes wears it for most of the day). AND THEN SOMEONE ON INSTAGRAM LET ME KNOW ABOUT AN ETSY SHOP THAT MAKES UNICORN TOWELS FOR ADULTS. Sorry. Couldn't stop myself from talking in a super loud excited voice just then. Check out these awesome towels from Yikes Twins (including mermaids!). I can't even handle it. Totally have one in my shopping cart right now.

My new Reading Rainbow aka Brainbow phone case makes me so happy. It also comes as a pillow, totebag, and even a shower curtain. I can't help but smile when I see it and I'm totally thinking about getting this pillow.

Have you seen Kelly's mermies yet? She's has some over on Society6 (like the one on the top of this post) and others in her Etsy shop. I heart these mermaids and their awesome ways.

And I'm totally in love with Anna Wingfield's Magical Unicorn Anointing Oil. It has a very clean citrus and lavender scent. I'm using it in the moments when I want to invite in a bit more magic and playfulness with a huge dose of inner wisdom on the side. 

An invitation: Are you a maker? Share a link to your shop in the comments so I can visit your shop. Would love to possibly feature you in a future post.

love this :: current favorite tops

liz lamoreux

Over here, I'm alternating between jeans, leggings, and Texture pants daily and thought I'd share my current favorite tops. What I love about all these is that they are pretty much year-round tops for the Pacific Northwest. Perfect for layering or wearing as a top layer.

1) The Centerline Slub Tee from Anthropolgie feels like a super soft t-shirt but can look dressy. It is very swingy, so you might want to size down. It would look great with skinny or boyfriend jeans. I bought the blue because I wanted to add that sea color to my wardrobe. I really loved the gold but the coloring wasn't quite right for me. And the grey is gorgeous, but they didn't have my size. Note that the back is silky and probably rayon, so you might need a tank as it is a bit sheer (I always wear one of these). 

2) While at Anthro, I also found this tee. It is a great neckline for layering under some of my flowy tanks/dresses that are sundresses in the summer but dresses over jeans for me in winter. So soft and lightweight. LOVE IT! And it is 100% cotton, which can be hard to find in stylish t-shirts these days. I'm thinking about getting a few more colors.

It makes me so happy that Anthro carries XL in some many of their styles now. I also tried on this tee and really liked it but decided to get the other two instead. I have it in my cart though to watch for it to go on sale.

When I was at Nordstrom before Christmas, I came across the Sejour brand. It's their inhouse "plus size" version of their Caslon or Halogen brands. I love the styles they have in those lines, especially the t-shirts, but I often find that they are simply too tight in the arms for me. Sometimes the plus size of brands is too large, I seem to fall in some ambiguous middle ground in some stores, but I really like the styling of Sejour.

3) I got the Sejour lace yoke tank, which I wear under a long cardigan or the Free People top below... I pair it with leggings or jeans. And it will be great in summer. It is very flowy, but because I'm wearing it with leggings, I love that. (And if you don't need a plus size, I found a somewhat similar look here and here.) I also have this tee, but I cut the neckline (using this tutorial). It has more of an aline shape on me than the photo shows and is quite flattering. 

4) So often I see clothes from Free People that I like, but they do not carry a size bigger than a large, and they indicate the large is a 12, so usually I just ignore their section in Nordstrom. But a few things caught my eye, so I wandered for a bit and then found the Free People Sunset Park Thermal top. I got it in black (each color available seems to have its own listing on Nordstrom). It is super cute on and big, so order down. The L fits me and is very swingy and the fabric is so soft. I wear it layered with a long tunic or dress underneath and leggings or jeans and it makes me so happy. Note: The way the seams are sewn, there are little threads that are fraying, and before you wash it, they will leave little bits of fluff around you. No big deal if you're wearing black and have darker furniture (and this pretty much stopped after about three wearings), but I was wearing it at my mom's and sitting on her cream sofa and left a little trail behind me. Would also be a cute cover up.

5) And lastly, here's the Scoop Neck Jersey Tunic from Eileen Fisher. It is another one I'm pairing with leggings - falls longer on me than the model and it looks good with jeans too. I've even paired it with a long black skirt. Eileen Fisher is one of my favorite brands. I try to buy pieces that I'll wear for years as they're pricey but the quality is wonderful.

I'm also still wearing everything I shared in this everyday outfits post from about a year ago. That vest is still available and I still highly highly recommend it.

Oh and did you notice I mentioned leggings about five times in this post because dudes, I'm wearing leggings and showing some knee. For reals. My current favorite leggings are from Old Navy. I've always loved the ones from JJill too.

Note: Some links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase from that online store. See other "Love This" posts here. And see more of the clothes and accessories I wear and recommend on my "In My Curvy Closet" pinboard.

love this :: current tools

liz lamoreux

A few favorite daily "tools" that I'm using over here:

This Decomposition Book is a new favorite notebook. I'm using it to write letters to myself, which is a recent practice I've started since working with Fabeku. It was a really beautiful support piece during last week's retreat, helping me envision how I hoped things would unfold, keeping me grounded before everyone arrived, etc. And I really love the feel of the paper in this notebook. (You can find more notebook designs here. I bought mine at the awesome Beach Books in Seaside, OR.)

These pens. Always these pens.

Blue Q pouches. We use these for so many things - from pens + a small Moleskine that I carry in my purse to Ellie's stickers + tiny Hello Kitty journal that we take to a restaurant to make-up and jewelry when I travel. I also use the larger tote bags too.

I've just begun using the Behance Action Cards (and am going to start using the Action Book this week). After I've used them for awhile, I'll report back. So far I'm loving this system! (Found via Elise.)

The Oodles of Doodles mousepad from Alisa Burke makes me smile every single day. 

Please note: A few of the above links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase from that online store.

love this :: everyday outfits (january)

liz lamoreux

In the last few years, I've begun to realize that I want to invest more in clothing and shoes that I love love love, that will last, that invite me to feel the most like me, and that really look great on me.

This has meant fewer trips to Target and Old Navy to buy five (or more) inexpensive new items a few times a year because I hope they will make me feel better about myself only to realize they don't really fit all that great after I've worn them a few times. And I've instead saved money over a few months to buy a few items that will be in my closet for a long time. I'm also doing a lot more handwashing when it comes to things like shirts from Anthropologie because the fabric usually needs that extra care. And this doesn't mean I'm not buying clothes from Old Navy and Target. I'm just being a bit pickier and looking for staples that are made well and fit great.

Today, I'm sharing one of my current daily uniforms (see past everyday outfit posts here).

1. The Ansonia Pullover from Anthropologie is soft and comfortable and comes in several colors. I usually wear one of these tanks from Target underneath.

2. The Lapis Mala of Intuition from Tiny Devotions that a friend gifted to me when she felt like it was ready to move on to a new home. (I know, I am totally lucky.) And when I wore it yesterday, the most beautiful day of listening to my gut unfolded. For real.

3. The Dreamer jeans from Old Navy. This boot cut style is super flattering with the "tummy taming" panel (their wording) in the front. I really like the slight boot cut and the regular length isn't too long on me (I'm 5'5"). And if you are reading this thinking, "I never find jeans," I dare you to go to Old Navy and try on every single style in your size and one size below and above. I'll be cheering you on. You deserve jeans that fit honey. (And if you are ready to invest in just one pair of awesome jeans, I really recommend NYDJ. They are my ultimate favorite and worth the investment. And if you go to Nordstrom, you can have someone help you with all the styles and sizes. Worth it. I should write a whole post about this.)

4. Headbands continue to make me happy. This one is from Flipside hats. Also love this one.

5. I'm usually wearing my word of the year "wildness" necklace. Love having this silver-toned option now.

6. The Ugg Grandle boot is comfortable and provides enough support as I stand in my studio hammering. And they have a shearling lining, which makes me happy. (And the buckles make me feel a wee bit badass. Yes, I just said that "out loud.")

Have you seen Kelly Rae's Wear Your Joy Project? Totally behind that practice 100%. 

Hope you have a beautiful weekend in your corner of the world! 

Quick note: Some links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase from that online store.

love this: doctor who goodness

liz lamoreux

So we are neck-deep in a Doctor Who sort of weekend over here. Isn't everyone? So I thought I'd pull together some of my favorite Doctor Who goodies I've come across lately (and have been adding to potential gifts for Jon for Christmas). And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, no worries. I'll be back to non-time travel related programming in a day or so.

1. So this shirt references the scariest hour of television I've ever watched. EVER. But gosh the "Blink" episode was brilliant. (And I don't ever want to watch it again.)

2. Love this iPhone case. (I actually think it would be an awesome tattoo...not for me...but for someone.)

3. A "Sonic Screwdriver" toothbrush. But of course this exists.

4. The only thing that would make this 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head better was if it was the 10th. (Because well, Ten Is My Doctor.)

5. And he's my doctor because he says things like this: "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff." And you can wear that on a t-shirt, which is pretty much perfection.

Hope your weekend is full of good things and time to just have a little fun. 

love this: everyday outfit ideas (october)

liz lamoreux

Lately, I've noticed how much joy I'm feeling by wearing the clothes I love, so about once a month, I'm going to share some favorites from my everyday outfits.

1) Loving this tee from Anthropologie. Shown here in plum, I have it in mustard and lilac. It is soft and just roomy enough to still be flattering.

2) These scarves from World Market are favorites. Love this color combination and I often wear the black. 

3) Cob Hill is a new-to-me brand and it might be my new favorite. I put these boots on in the store and had that "oh my gosh my feet are so happy right now" feeling. And they are cute!

4) This Let It Go Tiny Devotions mala is gorgeous. I actually wear the Mermaid mala several times a week over here, but my stone is different from the one they have now. The Sea of Possibility mala is on my wish list right now.

5) I'm a wee bit obsessed with this cardigan. It's from Nordstrom and comes in quite a few colors. Super soft + perfect with jeans or a skirt or even a dress. Love the cut of it, and there's a hood! (And I might even wear it to bed sometimes.)

And I usually pair this look with jeans (these are my current favorite) plus my own one word bracelet. It is an everyday look that is comfortable enough to get me out of pajamas and works for errands, lunch with a friend, and the jeans can easily be exchanged for yoga pants at the end of the day.

(Some links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase from that online store.)

love this: ellie's current favorites

liz lamoreux

Ellie was looking over my shoulder and saw this post and said, "Mama, why is your purse in that photo?" I explained I was sharing some of my favorite things I like to wear, and she (no kidding) said, "Can I share my favorite things too?"

So here we go, a few of Ellie current favorite things (and note she has explained that all of these will be going in the suitcase when we go to visit Grandma Fina).

1. Hanna Andersson's Ruffle and Twirl Skirt. Ellie says, "I like all the skirts in the world. And I like this one because I like to wear it with my Mickey shirt." (The aforementioned Mickey shirt would be on this list if I could find it online. We have three and she's been wearing them for almost two years. You've probably seen them on Instagram. She is a bit obsessed with the mouse.)

2. White eyelet tank top from Target that Ellie explains is something "I like to wear to bed like a night shirt."

3. I found this adorable elephant purse at the T-Spot in Manzanita (love that store); you can also find it online here. Ellie says, "I like to take it on BIG trips with me like when I get to the date with the green circle when I wake up really early, I'm going to take my elephant purse with me on the plane." Phew! (The date with the green circle means the day we're going to Grandma Fina's that is circled in green on the calendar in her room.) 

4. Tiny Tom's are an everyday favorite. She actually has a pair with butterflies that I couldn't find online, so we went to the site and she picked these out as a possible "second favorite." We learned at Nordstrom that most kids need half a size down because the canvas stretches. This has been true for EJ.

5. Threadless tees make us all happy in this house. And what's not to love about a self-portrait? As Ellie says, "I like wearing it so much!"

6. Zutano tights are our favorite favorites! Because Ellie loves wearing skirts almost everyday, these are a must on cooler days to keep her legs warm. And all these stripes and polka dots are just happy. Ellie says, "I like to wear them to school. They're cool!"

This kid cracks me up. I'm thinking Ellie's favorites might be a new feature around here. Thinking we'll share her favorite books next! 

love this: everyday favorites

liz lamoreux

This summer, I'm slowly but surely cleaning our bedroom. Wanting to create a space that feels full of ease and full of...well...space. And part of this plan is to get my clothes down to my favorite favorites. I want to just have the clothes I LOVE to wear. Right now my closet is mostly clothes I really like and might wear some day soon, but the space I have for these clothes is so limited that I have trouble finding my favorites.

And feeling good in my clothes is one way that I'm creating space for really living over here. Simple truth. Yes.

Here are a few of the everyday favorites I'm wearing right now (starting at the top right going clockwise):

Hannah Andersson flipflops: Comfortable and cute! and on sale!

Flipside hats and headbands: You've probably seen some of these in my Instagram self-portraits. My collection is growing as I just added this one. They are made of super soft knit and fit my not small head comfortably but actually fit Ellie too (a little big, but she can pull it off).

Keens Sienna MJ Canvas shoes: Super comfortable can wear them right out of the box shoes. I have blue + red from last year's colors. LOVE this orange.

Fossil Explorer Tote: This is the bag I've been waiting to carry as soon as we no longer need to bring diapers everywhere. I LOVE IT! It has multiple great pockets, which are a very good thing since I'm one of those people who loses her keys every single day. And the aqua really is this gorgeous in person, but in trying to find a link it looks like it is almost out of stock everywhere except Nordstrom (where it's on sale). Other colors (some on sale too) at Zappos.

Ruffled Lyra Top: LOVE the green and the blue! Wearing them a few times a week around here as they work with everything. 

Necklaces from my 1993 Collection: It's true, I'm wearing my own necklaces daily. Layering these around my neck and on my wrist and loving how they transport me to my teenage years.

Converse tank: I've been wearing several versions of this tank for a few years now. Perfect layered and on a hot summer night. Super soft too.

How about you? What are your everyday favorites right now?