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love this :: everyday outfits (january)

liz lamoreux

In the last few years, I've begun to realize that I want to invest more in clothing and shoes that I love love love, that will last, that invite me to feel the most like me, and that really look great on me.

This has meant fewer trips to Target and Old Navy to buy five (or more) inexpensive new items a few times a year because I hope they will make me feel better about myself only to realize they don't really fit all that great after I've worn them a few times. And I've instead saved money over a few months to buy a few items that will be in my closet for a long time. I'm also doing a lot more handwashing when it comes to things like shirts from Anthropologie because the fabric usually needs that extra care. And this doesn't mean I'm not buying clothes from Old Navy and Target. I'm just being a bit pickier and looking for staples that are made well and fit great.

Today, I'm sharing one of my current daily uniforms (see past everyday outfit posts here).

1. The Ansonia Pullover from Anthropologie is soft and comfortable and comes in several colors. I usually wear one of these tanks from Target underneath.

2. The Lapis Mala of Intuition from Tiny Devotions that a friend gifted to me when she felt like it was ready to move on to a new home. (I know, I am totally lucky.) And when I wore it yesterday, the most beautiful day of listening to my gut unfolded. For real.

3. The Dreamer jeans from Old Navy. This boot cut style is super flattering with the "tummy taming" panel (their wording) in the front. I really like the slight boot cut and the regular length isn't too long on me (I'm 5'5"). And if you are reading this thinking, "I never find jeans," I dare you to go to Old Navy and try on every single style in your size and one size below and above. I'll be cheering you on. You deserve jeans that fit honey. (And if you are ready to invest in just one pair of awesome jeans, I really recommend NYDJ. They are my ultimate favorite and worth the investment. And if you go to Nordstrom, you can have someone help you with all the styles and sizes. Worth it. I should write a whole post about this.)

4. Headbands continue to make me happy. This one is from Flipside hats. Also love this one.

5. I'm usually wearing my word of the year "wildness" necklace. Love having this silver-toned option now.

6. The Ugg Grandle boot is comfortable and provides enough support as I stand in my studio hammering. And they have a shearling lining, which makes me happy. (And the buckles make me feel a wee bit badass. Yes, I just said that "out loud.")

Have you seen Kelly Rae's Wear Your Joy Project? Totally behind that practice 100%. 

Hope you have a beautiful weekend in your corner of the world! 

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