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love this: ellie's current favorites

liz lamoreux

Ellie was looking over my shoulder and saw this post and said, "Mama, why is your purse in that photo?" I explained I was sharing some of my favorite things I like to wear, and she (no kidding) said, "Can I share my favorite things too?"

So here we go, a few of Ellie current favorite things (and note she has explained that all of these will be going in the suitcase when we go to visit Grandma Fina).

1. Hanna Andersson's Ruffle and Twirl Skirt. Ellie says, "I like all the skirts in the world. And I like this one because I like to wear it with my Mickey shirt." (The aforementioned Mickey shirt would be on this list if I could find it online. We have three and she's been wearing them for almost two years. You've probably seen them on Instagram. She is a bit obsessed with the mouse.)

2. White eyelet tank top from Target that Ellie explains is something "I like to wear to bed like a night shirt."

3. I found this adorable elephant purse at the T-Spot in Manzanita (love that store); you can also find it online here. Ellie says, "I like to take it on BIG trips with me like when I get to the date with the green circle when I wake up really early, I'm going to take my elephant purse with me on the plane." Phew! (The date with the green circle means the day we're going to Grandma Fina's that is circled in green on the calendar in her room.) 

4. Tiny Tom's are an everyday favorite. She actually has a pair with butterflies that I couldn't find online, so we went to the site and she picked these out as a possible "second favorite." We learned at Nordstrom that most kids need half a size down because the canvas stretches. This has been true for EJ.

5. Threadless tees make us all happy in this house. And what's not to love about a self-portrait? As Ellie says, "I like wearing it so much!"

6. Zutano tights are our favorite favorites! Because Ellie loves wearing skirts almost everyday, these are a must on cooler days to keep her legs warm. And all these stripes and polka dots are just happy. Ellie says, "I like to wear them to school. They're cool!"

This kid cracks me up. I'm thinking Ellie's favorites might be a new feature around here. Thinking we'll share her favorite books next!