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there are stories to be told

liz lamoreux


The blank page, the blinking cursor, the big white canvas, the camera in the corner.

They sit there waiting.

Always waiting.

But in that empty space, an entire world awaits. A world that you (yes, you) create by simply picking up your pen, putting your fingers to the keyboard, grasping your paintbrush, bringing your camera up to your eye.

There are stories to be told honey.

Stories waiting inside you that are ready.

And I want to help you tell them.


Come along for my newest ecourse: Tell It.

You choose the medium you want to play with - from writing to painting to journaling to photography to blogging or anything else that calls to you - and I'll give you prompts to help you put pen to the page, paint to the canvas, pick up your camera, and have some fun. 

Together, we'll cheer each other on and create connections that will last long after our 15 days together.

Tell It is just $25 and includes daily emails full of juicy goodness and a Facebook group that will stay open beyond the course for continued connection and sharing.

Learn more and register right here.

inviting in delight

liz lamoreux

Over in Hand to Heart this month, we're inviting in delight, so I'm asking variations of this question and providing some ideas all month long.

I love this word. 

But I know it can be a tough one.

It pushes me to wonder, "Do I really ever feel delight?"

Of course I do. But to focus on it can feel a little foreign, like wading into a level of self-care that might be indulgent. And indulgence can feel off or self-centered.

But what if delight was an access point to joy? To setting down old stories of being too much? To letting in more light into your everyday life (even when it rains)?

Take a few moments and ask yourself: How can I let in more delight today?

Think about wearing your slippers to pick up the kids at school because your feet just don't want to be in anything else.

Think about buying three more of your favorite candle because you're now going to light one every evening as your one act of delight each day.

Think about texting a friend just to say, "You bring so much joy into my life" and then the next day sending another one that says, "I want you to know I'm so grateful for you" and then the next "How's it going over there?" and so on. 

Think about taking just one bite of ice cream right from the container when you get home from work and standing in the kitchen savoring it as it melts in your mouth.

Think about taking your glass of wine right into the shower as you wash off the thickness of the day.

Think about playing another round of Old Maid with your granddaughter because she laughs so loud when one of you gets the Old Maid and you can feel your capacity for delight grow each time.


You can invite in more delight in simple ways.

And if you want to talk more about this practice and other ways you can embrace the beauty and the grit of each day, come on over to Hand to Heart (it's free). We've got our arms open for you. 

watercolor picnic this saturday!

liz lamoreux

Earlier this spring, I started to have a dream of a meet-up here in Tacoma. We'd gather with quilts + watercolors + cheese + fruit + drinks and paint and laugh and eat and connect and share favorite quotes and maybe even read a poem or two. 

And it happened in June! And now we are doing it again this weekend!!!!

What: A Watercolor Picnic! Join me for an afternoon of creating + snacking + connection. (Because I'm longing for more in-person time with kindreds!) Check out the Facebook Event page right here.

When: August 16, 1-4 PM

Where: Point Defiance Park in Tacoma (the exact location is explained on the FB event page)

What to bring: Bring your own watercolors + paper (or some other creative project you're working on), a quilt or blanket, and some snacks (including some to share if you'd like) + something to drink.

What if you don't know anybody: Please come! Some people going do know each other but this is really about kindred spirits coming together. My hope is that we will start doing things like this more often because life really is better when we do it together.

Notes: Please RSVP on the Facebook events page so I have an idea of numbers. And if you aren't on FB, just send me a note.

Also, note that this isn't a workshop. There is no cost. But I will be leading us a bit and sharing some poetry and other good things. I'll also bring some water for our watercolors, but be sure to bring a small cup for your water.

If you have questions, feel free to email me.

a summer dream

liz lamoreux

I'm having this dream of a meet-up here in Tacoma. We'd gather with quilts + watercolors + cheese + fruit + wine and paint and laugh and eat and connect and share favorite quotes and maybe even read a poem or two. 

It would be more like a potluck (and a bring your own paint + paper sort of thing) and not at all like a workshop. Just a meet-up.

I'm thinking about Saturday, June 14. Maybe Point Defiance Park. But I'm still figuring out those details.

Wanna come? (For real.)

And if there's enough interest, maybe we'll do it once a month this summer.

Because oh my goodness I could use some in-person connection. Yes.

(And if you were going to come in from out of town, maybe a group of us would go out to dinner too. Because, why not?)

a gratitude invitation

liz lamoreux

Take a deep breath and answer this question.

Maybe go with the first things that pops into your mind.

Or sit down and make a list.

Or even do a little dance of gratitude for the beauty of being here in this moment, breathing, living.

Even if you are having "one of those" days (perhaps especially if you are), let yourself be filled with gratitude in this moment.

And I'd love it so much if you would share at least one thing you're grateful for in the comments.

It is okay if it is small (blue sky was the reason I took this photo)...and it is okay if it is simple (as I write this, I am really thankful for raisin toast and my friends)...and it is also okay if it is something huge. And if you dance, let us know what song is helping you get your gratitude groove on.

I'm so grateful to you for being here and sharing your stories. Yes.

Happy weekend,


PS And if you can't tap into gratitude right now (and honey, I have been there), trust that feeling this way is okay. You aren't alone in it. Think about what you most need and try to move from that place. And if you have three minutes, watch this pep talk from Kid President. I think he might have a superpower that helps move people to a place of joy, which is something to be really grateful for.

PPS To receive little reminders and love notes like this one in your inbox, sign up to receive my (almost) weekly newsletter here.

your weekend homework

liz lamoreux


print available on Society6 


A couple of weekends ago, we got outside to shake out the cobwebs and the grumps and to look at the world through the eyes of a three year old. 

We explored a new park. Got our feet a little too wet. Found creatures we'd never seen before.

And then just when we thought we were heading home, Ellie led us on an unexpected hike through trails and over little bridges and we followed as she told us stories (and to "hurry up!") the entire time.

It was awesome.

Your weekend homework

Close your laptop. Put down the phone. Walk away from the iPad. Go outside. Take a deep breath. And then another one. And live.

You just might be able to feel your heart expand with all the goodness of connecting with the world outside your doors. (Even if you just walk to your front step and take five deep breaths.)

If you want to share your photos on Instagram/Twitter/FB, use the hashtag #gooutsidehomework and we will find you there.

(Extra points for taking photos + getting yourself in the photo + using your timer to get the people you take with you in the photo too. Seriously. Get in the photo honey. It is time.)

summer reading

liz lamoreux

This summer, one of my goals is to read more. Like a lot more. On quilts in the backyard. With glasses of pink lemonade and happy straws. And I want to read more books for pleasure along with a few books that fall under my "I'll use this for teaching and other business things" category too.

And then I thought of you and how you might be longing to read some new things too (both for pleasure and for "education") and thought it might be fun to compile a HUGE list of books we'd recommend to others for summer reading.

how to play along

In the comments: Share a book or two that you really recommend. Meaning you loved it! Meaning you would tell your best friend to ger her hands on it right now! Meaning you couldn't put it down and carried it around for days (or didn't move until you finished it).

Then in early June, I'll create a blog post with a big long reference list of recommended summer reading that we can all turn to again and again this summer (even on our phones when we are browsing the library or in the bookstore). Can't wait!

Updated: I'm so excited about all the suggestions already!!!! When you leave a comment, it would be great if you would include the author and maybe even the general genre of you book, so the big list can include those details. For example, teen lit, sci-fi, self-help, poetry, and so on. Thank you!

a reminder (for you, for me)

liz lamoreux

In this moment,
when the rain comes down
or the to-do list might seem like it has free will to add items
or the little ones are saying "mama mama mama" on repeat
or you simple, truly feel sad
or the sun is shining so brightly it takes your breath away
or you aren't sure how you will pay the bills at the end of the month
or you are caught up in the shoulds or what ifs
or you are happy to just be right here
or you just wish you had a friend who could come over and play, 
take a few moments (just a few seconds if that's all you have) and notice that each time you inhale, you create space around your heart.

Close your eyes. Find your breath. Notice.

You create space inside you, around your heart, with each breath.


Beautiful, real, true space.

Notice if that space can remain even as you exhale. (It can. It does. Notice.)

Before you open your eyes, give yourself the gift of trusting that you choose what enters this space.


Repeat, repeat, repeat as needed.

Sending light and peace to you today,

PS Listen to (and download) one of my guided audio meditations that focuses on finding this space around your heart here. And for more love notes like this one, sign up to receive my (almost) weekly newsletter here.