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a reminder (for you, for me)

liz lamoreux

In this moment,
when the rain comes down
or the to-do list might seem like it has free will to add items
or the little ones are saying "mama mama mama" on repeat
or you simple, truly feel sad
or the sun is shining so brightly it takes your breath away
or you aren't sure how you will pay the bills at the end of the month
or you are caught up in the shoulds or what ifs
or you are happy to just be right here
or you just wish you had a friend who could come over and play, 
take a few moments (just a few seconds if that's all you have) and notice that each time you inhale, you create space around your heart.

Close your eyes. Find your breath. Notice.

You create space inside you, around your heart, with each breath.


Beautiful, real, true space.

Notice if that space can remain even as you exhale. (It can. It does. Notice.)

Before you open your eyes, give yourself the gift of trusting that you choose what enters this space.


Repeat, repeat, repeat as needed.

Sending light and peace to you today,

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