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a gratitude invitation

liz lamoreux

Take a deep breath and answer this question.

Maybe go with the first things that pops into your mind.

Or sit down and make a list.

Or even do a little dance of gratitude for the beauty of being here in this moment, breathing, living.

Even if you are having "one of those" days (perhaps especially if you are), let yourself be filled with gratitude in this moment.

And I'd love it so much if you would share at least one thing you're grateful for in the comments.

It is okay if it is small (blue sky was the reason I took this photo)...and it is okay if it is simple (as I write this, I am really thankful for raisin toast and my friends)...and it is also okay if it is something huge. And if you dance, let us know what song is helping you get your gratitude groove on.

I'm so grateful to you for being here and sharing your stories. Yes.

Happy weekend,


PS And if you can't tap into gratitude right now (and honey, I have been there), trust that feeling this way is okay. You aren't alone in it. Think about what you most need and try to move from that place. And if you have three minutes, watch this pep talk from Kid President. I think he might have a superpower that helps move people to a place of joy, which is something to be really grateful for.

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