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this is my practice.

liz lamoreux

The "My Practice" necklace is your chance to think about what you currently want to invite into your life and claim it with a hand stamped word paired with kyanite and amethyst to really support you as you stand tall in the life you want to live.

This is the necklace I've been wearing for the last few weeks. Mine is hand stamped with the word "allow," which has become one of those words that keeps appearing in my life. Allowing all the feelings. Allowing for the possibility that I can choose to make little moves each day toward the life I want. Allowing those around me to show up as them just as I want to show up as me. Allowing for more abundance, more love, more in-person connection, more community.

When you order this necklace, you choose a word that represents your current practice. Yes, this could be your word of the year, but it could also be the soul care practice you're calling in right now or even just the feeling you most want in your life. Perhaps you have begun to notice, like I did, a word that keeps appearing again and again and is almost demanding that you pay attention, so you feel called to bring it into your life in this tangible way.

After I hand stamp you word/short phrase on this brass bar, it is then paired with a gorgeous wire wrapped kyanite teardrop gemstone to invite in clear communication and to help you speak whatever you need to say as you live this practice. And a sweet little faceted amethyst is added to invite in a sense of balance, peacefulness, and calm. These three special pieces hang from a thick brass jump ring to give you a gorgeous focal point for your practice.

I imagine you reaching for this necklace and holding it when you need to be reminded that you know the next step you want to take. Yes yes yes.

You can find the limited edition My Practice necklace right here.

the spring collection

liz lamoreux

open up and live with fluorite bracelet

The Spring Collection is inspired by the wishes I have for you (yes, you) in your corner of the world. Soul Mantra pendants, feathers, and lockets are paired with gemstones to invite in peace, calm, connection, and love. 

My studio assistant Bonnie and I went to a gem show earlier this month and had so much fun picking out these stones. When she spotted that gorgeous green Fluorite shown with the bracelet and feather above, she insisted we get two strands and now we're wishing we'd bought them out. It is so gorgeous in person. 

And the Love Wins necklace is my favorite from the collection. I'm wearing mine daily. A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those experiences where I started to wonder if one person really can make a difference in the world. Where I wondered why some of us have trouble choosing love even when it seems so obvious to others. Where I wondered if I could choose love in the face of some of what happens in the world around us. So I walked into my studio and hammered the words "love wins" into metal and paired these words with aquamarine to promote peace, courage, and communication.

The intention behind this necklace all comes down to this: Because I believe love wins with all my heart. Because I believe you should be able to love the person you love. Because I believe you should be able to marry the person you love. Because I want my daughter to feel safe becoming whomever she will become and loving whomever she will love. So I made this necklace. Because I believe love will win even when it looks like it might not.


Bonnie and me after walking around the gem show for hours...

Bonnie is helping me even more these days. It is such a gift to have her in the studio not only to package orders but to bounce ideas off of. She really helped me brainstorm this collection as we sat together at a big table in the middle of my studio and just dove in and had fun. It was a reminder that I'm at my happiest when creative energy is flowing and this collection reflects that.

You'll be seeing more of Bonnie around here as we start working on some of the ideas I keep mentioning to her when we're packaging orders. Good stuff is coming.

See all of the new Spring Collection right here.

soul mantra pocket talismans

liz lamoreux

a peek at my studio altar (shell given to me by a family friend over 30 years ago)

I've been dreaming about these little talismans for a while now and I am so excited to share them with you today!

I wanted to create something that you can carry around with you in your pocket. Then each time you feel it, you would be reminded to take a deep breath and remember you are not alone.

love keeping these all together in a bowl on my studio table

You can hold them in yours hand and rub your fingers along the letters and let yourself believe the words hand stamped just for you. You could also place a talisman on your altar or next to your bed or even in your cubicle at work. They will remind you to just be right here and know that you are enough.

These talismans are stamped with the mantras I hold onto, that guide me, that remind me I'm not alone.

You can find them all right here. I hope you enjoy them...

like it's 1993...

liz lamoreux

a new collection in the shop

When I was in high school, I listened to Lenny Kravitz sing "Flower Child" on repeat, longing to be that girl "dressed in purple velvet with a flower in her hair" who "speaks of liberation on the land and on the sea" living on the West Coast and standing up for what I believed in. Even when I was wearing my boarding school uniform of plaid kilt and button down white Oxford, I wore layers of beaded necklaces that I made sitting cross-legged by the lake behind my dorm. And then in the summer when at home, I'd add a few more layers on my wrists and ankles.

Recently I unearthed these beads in my studio and decided to play with them again after an almost 20-year break. And as I listen to Lenny and Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon and string bead after bead, I'm spending a little time with my 17-year-old self and remembering her dreams and realizing that she would be very proud of me and where I am as I tell the true stories over here in my corner of the world.

The 1993 Collection is filled with the energy of summer and mixed tapes and afternoons full of hope and secret dreams and the belief that one girl just might make a difference in the world. As you wear your piece from the 1993 collection, I hope you will reconnect and listen to those secret dreams inside you.

may collection {now in the shop}

liz lamoreux

My new Soul Mantra May Collection is now in the shop!

During the past few weeks, I've been really inspired by the incredibly gorgeous spring we've been having. The joy is pretty contagious, especially when everywhere you turn, from corners of our backyard and neighborhood to gorgeous Pt. Defiance Park, there are happy blooms in all shades and sizes leaning toward the blue sky smiling down on us.

Seriously. Spring has been ridiculous this year. 

When my mom was visiting, she, Ellie, and I went on a walk in a nearby park. When we got home, I went into my studio and gathered beads in all the colors we'd seen. From the pale blue of the sky that day (shown in the kyanite in this bracelet) to the vivid tulips (shown in these moonglow necklaces and bracelets).

your heart knows the way (available here)

When I was hammering the phrases in the lockets I've paired with some of the necklaces, the phrase, "your heart knows the way" came whispering to me followed by the word "trust." I've paired the two together with these happy beads as a gentle reminder to listen to what you know. This is my favorite necklace in the collection (and you can customize the word on the heart in case you need it to say something like "brave" or "open" or "love").

Being open to the inspiration around me has really changed the way I'm approaching my jewelry collections, and I think the results are simply more representative of me and what I believe. Always a good thing. I'm so grateful that I live in this corner of the world.

See all of the collection here.

inhale. exhale. (a meditation)

liz lamoreux

inhale . exhale soul mantra earrings (in the shop)

pause in this moment.

find you in this moment.

stay right here. 

what is resting inside you today?

try to notice without judgement.

without a need to feel a certain way.

just notice.

then when you are ready:


repeat as needed 


Deeply appreciating how popular the Inhale Exhale Soul Mantra earrings have been. I imagine women pausing to take a deep breath as they put them on, when they see them in the mirror, when they feel the amethyst gemstones gently touch their neck.

Somedays even putting on earrings becomes part of the practice.

If you would like a pair of Soul Mantra earrings customized with your phrase, just let me know.

the space between collection

liz lamoreux

open up and live bracelet

As I move in and out of the roles I play in my life...
teacher, mama, friend, wife, artist, business owner, writer, and how the list goes on...
I try to pause for a few moments
to notice the space found in between these roles
to notice the world around me so I can get out of my head
and back into my heart.

stand in your light necklace

During these moments, I take a deep breath, soak up the world around me, and listen to the words I most need to hear.

i am home necklace

The Space Between Collection is inspired by those words and the colors I see in the in between spaces of my day during this winter season in the Pacific Northwest:

As I look at the window holding my morning cup of coffee
When I walk from the studio to my house
When I notice the changing colors of the sky throughout the day
When I see just a peek of Puget Sound when I pick up my daughter from school
When I walk in the woods and try to just be present to this moment right here...

new soul mantras

I'm having so much fun creating with these colors and phrases that have been swirling around my heart for the last couple of months. Like the "Forest to the Sea" collection, creating these pieces felt like a true meditation. And I'm excited to include several pairs of new Soul Mantra earrings in this collection. Almost all the necklaces are one of a kind, but I will be making a handful each of the bracelets and earrings. You can see more of the collection here in my shop.

so i fly necklaces in the shop

liz lamoreux

I'm working like a little elf over here having so much fun updating the shop (and feeling so much gratitude for those buying handmade this holiday season).

a few of the new so i fly necklaces in the shop

This week I uncovered a few more butterfly and bird pendants in my studio and created a new collection of "So I Fly" necklaces. Last year around this time, a few words came to me that inspired this favorite soul mantra phrase:

When life pushes me beyond what I know
When the joy fills me up 
When the fear tries to settle in
When I am holding on to hope with each breath
When all this and more leads me to feel unsure of the next step,
sometimes I step outside, feel the warm sun upon my shoulders, look up at the blue sky, and decide it is time: 
So I fly.

I also added a handful of simple earrings and a couple of other necklaces.

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I'm thinking about you as you begin to gather with family and make final choices about your plans and menus and sink into the goodness and intensity that this time of year brings. Sending light and love as you find your way.