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the spring collection

liz lamoreux

open up and live with fluorite bracelet

The Spring Collection is inspired by the wishes I have for you (yes, you) in your corner of the world. Soul Mantra pendants, feathers, and lockets are paired with gemstones to invite in peace, calm, connection, and love. 

My studio assistant Bonnie and I went to a gem show earlier this month and had so much fun picking out these stones. When she spotted that gorgeous green Fluorite shown with the bracelet and feather above, she insisted we get two strands and now we're wishing we'd bought them out. It is so gorgeous in person. 

And the Love Wins necklace is my favorite from the collection. I'm wearing mine daily. A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those experiences where I started to wonder if one person really can make a difference in the world. Where I wondered why some of us have trouble choosing love even when it seems so obvious to others. Where I wondered if I could choose love in the face of some of what happens in the world around us. So I walked into my studio and hammered the words "love wins" into metal and paired these words with aquamarine to promote peace, courage, and communication.

The intention behind this necklace all comes down to this: Because I believe love wins with all my heart. Because I believe you should be able to love the person you love. Because I believe you should be able to marry the person you love. Because I want my daughter to feel safe becoming whomever she will become and loving whomever she will love. So I made this necklace. Because I believe love will win even when it looks like it might not.


Bonnie and me after walking around the gem show for hours...

Bonnie is helping me even more these days. It is such a gift to have her in the studio not only to package orders but to bounce ideas off of. She really helped me brainstorm this collection as we sat together at a big table in the middle of my studio and just dove in and had fun. It was a reminder that I'm at my happiest when creative energy is flowing and this collection reflects that.

You'll be seeing more of Bonnie around here as we start working on some of the ideas I keep mentioning to her when we're packaging orders. Good stuff is coming.

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