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notes...winners...a sale

liz lamoreux


found heart, alki beach . june 25, 2009

the blue sky is smiling down on us here in the south part of puget sound. summer is in the air as we grilled burgers for lunch and wished for a picnic or an evening with twinkle lights and buckets of beer and laughter of friends far away.

today, i am probably going to head to a favorite cafe for a bit. i am working on a few inspiring projects lately and that is a really good thing. my brain seems to find a sort of flow when drinking a vanilla soy latte surrounded by other people lost in their books, laptops, conversation, one another. oh and i am falling in love with squarespace and creating my own little corner of the web (along with a new, improved corner for the be present retreats...both sites coming soon).


as my path meanders here and there and takes me into new adventures, i have decided to do a few different things with my etsy shop. these changes will probably be implemented over the next few months...and are just a few new things rolling around in this brain of mine.

the first change is that starting next month, about four soul mantra necklaces will be available per month. this will include (about) two new designs and two "old favorites." those will probably be the only necklaces available at any given time. i want to see how this new idea works for a bit...i will still be adding "all dressed up" necklaces from time to time.

so, this means that all the current "old favorite" soul mantras (except a "to be determined" two) will not be available in the shop starting july 1...

soul mantras

i have decided to have a SALE!
this means all soul mantra necklaces in the shop (like the four above and others) are $18!
so if you have your eye on one, get it now before it takes a break from the shop!

all dressed up necklaces

also, just for fun, all current "all dressed up" necklaces are 20% off.

(the prices do not reflect the savings. the easiest way i have found with etsy when having a sale is to refund the difference in the sale price after purchase. this will be done promptly after a purchase is made.)

oh and i did add a few summery bags to the shop (simple selma totes, a few library pocket totes, and two maude bags). i plan to take my yellow library tote literally to the library later this week...makes me smile.


the winners of the CD giveaway from the bubbleville post are:

Vanessa (comment #15)
Anna-Marie Still (comment #4)

congratulations! please send me an email at waywardtulip(@)gmail(dot)com with your address and i will send them off to you!!

and thank you all for your kind comments about our video. jon and i plan to make a few more. we actually spent an afternoon at the mandolin cafe dreaming up new ideas. so. much. fun.


tune in tomorrow afternoon for the next nine interview.

and i hope wherever you are in the world you are feeling the sun shine upon you...

this and a little of that

liz lamoreux


(some of my ever-growing) vintage button collection . march 2009

Today is one of those days where I am finally catching up on a few things I really want to share:

I am (beyond) excited to share that Jen Goff and I will be team teaching a workshop this fall at Art and Soul in Portland. The class is an evening class about self-nurturing and is called "Recipes for Self-Care." (You can read more about it here.)

(The beautiful spirit who is) Glenny (and company) has created quite a fantastic lineup for this fall's retreat. There are so many great teachers at this event! Jen is also teaching a self-portrait class, Stephanie will be there and Judy and Katie and LK and Misty and Lisa and Carla and oh how the list goes on!!

Registration began yesterday and I encourage you to check it out at the Art and Soul website. Portland is one of my favorite cities and if you haven't visited, I hope you will think about coming and playing and connecting at this event this fall.


Attention Squamettes:

The first annual Squam Art Show: A Vision of Squam is taking submissions! This is going to be an incredible art show full of the energy and creations that represent this amazing event and the beautiful experience participants had last year. Liz Kalloch dreamed this idea into reality, and Susan Schwake is hosting the event at ArtStream.

I have been thinking about all I want to say about this and why you should submit for a while now, but then I read Kelly's post and then Jenica's post and, well, those two just say it all. In a nutshell: Squamettes, just do it!

There is a lot more information about the show here. (Note that you have to have attended the 2008 Squam Art Workshops to submit.)

And if you are thinking about going to Squam, well, I think you should. It is going to be all kinds of fun. (Read more about the June and September workshops here.)


Today's soundtrack has gone from rain rain rain to a lunch break with the golden girls to the birds chirping as though insisting to mother nature that they want spring to settle in. The sun is peeking out a bit and I am amazed at how much that lifts my spirits. I feel so blessed to be resting inside possibility again these days. Blessed to have friends who support me and push me and see me. Blessed to be learning. Blessed to be open to what is to come.

I honor that attending art retreats like Artfest, Art and Soul, and Squam have invited me to see what being in community with open-hearted, real people can bring into my life. I honor that these events are part of the inspiration behind my decision to follow my dreams and create the Be Present Retreats. And as people register for the Summer retreat and as I work on the Fall and Winter retreats, I hold what I have learned in my heart and am thankful.

Hope things are beautiful in your corner of the world today...

another adventure: urban craft uprising

liz lamoreux

my table at art fiber fest

my table at art fiber fest, october 2008

Urban Craft Uprising is this weekend!
If you are in the Seattle area, consider joining me and about 130 other artists
At the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center
Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM - 5 PM
There are swag bags given away to the first people who arrive on Saturday!!!
(due to all the last minute details before the show, december views and sharing the sounds of the season will continue later this weekend.)

.the current scoop.

liz lamoreux

at work

i've received emails and comments asking me a few questions about my shop and updates and all that stuff, so i thought i would write a post to answer them.

when are you updating the shop?
i am currently getting ready for artfiberfest, where i will have a vendor table with aprons, scarves, pillows, pincushions, and a few other fun things (i am putting together some vintage sewing packets too). i am also getting together a couple of orders for some shops that will be carrying my creations. (i. am. so. excited. about. this!) because i am in full assembly-line creating mode (as these pictures indicate), i won't be updating the shop until after artfiberfest.

so, look for a shop update (aprons and scarves) the week of october 27. i will post an announcement here when i have things in the shop. my plan will then be to update the shop with a few items every 10 days or so.

selma scarves in progress

are you taking custom orders?
after squam, i received several custom orders. and, as those of you who placed an order know, they are taking me quite a long time. because i am getting ready for a huge show in early december in seattle (urban craft uprising!!!! can't wait to be part of this incredible event.), i won't be taking custom orders for fabric items (meaning bags, scarves, aprons, and pillows) until after the holidays. thanks for understanding. i am always accepting custom soul mantra necklace orders and will continue to do so.

choosing apron pockets

are you ever going to add any of those natasha slingbags you sold at squam? what about those big bags?
thanks to all the squamlettes who have asked about the natasha slingbags (they look like my everyday bag seen here). yes! i will be adding bags to the shop, probably the second week of november (or so). i have a nice stack of gorgeous fabric that will soon be cut into natasha bags. some of you also noticed my huge bag that i often carry (seen here). i am calling that the natasha big bag. i have several cut out, ready to be sewn together. look for those in november. additionally, i will be adding some selma totes to the shop in time for the holidays.

aprons in waiting

will you be adding long aprons soon?
some of you might have spotted me wearing a long apron at squam and art and soul. it is about mid-calf length and goes around the waist almost like a skirt. i will be making a few of these, in various waist/hip sizes, probably in mid-to-late november.

any other new items to share? what about that baby quilt you made?
new items for the holidays will include a few mom and child apron sets. possibly a few new pillow designs. and maybe a few sterling silver soul mantra pendant designs. i am also working on a smaller natasha "big" bag. same shape, smaller size.
and, i am having fun with that baby quilt (putting minky on the back...so soft and luxurious). might add some to the shop after the holidays, but probably not before. might even think about making a couple of lap quilt-sized minky-backed quilts. (i don't usually say yummy...but that would be pretty yummy i think!)

are there other questions out there? just let me know.

and now a question (a bit off topic) for you: know of any good arm warmers - mid-forearm to elbow length - that are knit or crocheted (and not itchy wool)? i would like to buy a pair or two. sewing late into the night in our home has made me realize i need to buy another pair or seven. i seem to easily misplace them in coat pockets and bags and on and on. and i just don't want to have to search for them late into the night. (if this is something you make for fun or sell, i would be interested in trading for some if that interests you as well.) thanks!

hoping. wishing. helping.

liz lamoreux

holding wishes

A few weeks back, I was reading blogs in bloglines and came across a link in one of the crafty blogs I read that took to me to a post on another blog where I read about how a family was waiting and hoping and praying for the lives of two incredible people...Stephanie and Christian Nielson. This couple, parents of four small children, was in a private plane crash in August; the flight instructor died in the crash and Stephanie and Christian are recovering from extremely severe burns with months of recovery ahead of them. Learn more about this family on Stephanie's blog; read updates on Stephanie's sister Courtney's blog here.

When Morgan put out a call for donations to the NieNie Etsy Benefit Sale, I joined in by sending a Natasha apron...and plan to also join in by shopping...I don't think I will be able to resist all the goodness in one place.

The sale starts tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 AM PST (more info here).

***update***most of the items sold out in the first hour of the sale. morgan has indicated that she will be adding more items Wednesday morning (seems people are still sending things to her!), again at 10 AM PST.

I hope you will check it out...and think about buying a little something for you or for someone in your life...something infused with the goodness of people coming together to help one another.

Additionally, from now through Sunday, I will donate $3 from each sale of the Soul Mantra pendant "Seek Peace" to the NieNie benefit fund.

seek peace

a quick middle-of-the-day post

liz lamoreux

I want to just say thank you for your comments and emails. Although I haven't had time to reply much lately because I am putting in long days of editing and sewing and crocheting, I just want you to know how much it means to me that you reach across this world to connect with me.

Thank you.

Some answers to a few questions I've received in the comments or by email during these quiet December days:

In the photos of Saturday's post, Jonny and I are making Christmas gifts from thrifted sweaters that I felted. I can't tell you much more as they are gifts, but I hope to share a picture on Christmas Day. All I can say that I was definitely inspired by Alicia and that Jon now knows how to sew buttons onto things. Oh and felting sweaters is my new favorite crafty thing to do. You take a human-size sweater and wash and dry it and before your very eyes it becomes an elf sweater. Just makes me so happy.

Thursday of last week I was sewing together the patchworked fronts of some Selma Scarves. I have a rather large custom order I am finishing this week, so I haven't been able to update the shop much. I do plan to add a few scarves soon.

The top layer I am wearing in these photos is from Old Navy. Rumor has it that its on sale for less that $6 (so if you find a black one in an XL at your Old Navy, will you buy it for me? I will send you money for it and shipping...seriously. updated: thanks kelly!!! you all will see me sporting the black version of this top soon).

The candles we burn throughout our home are from Carla's shop, Zena Moon. They are the best.

And, I know some of you have asked about the circle garland. It really is as easy as it looks. I am going to post a little tutorial later this week in case you want to try it.

Oh and I am totally crocheting a scarf. I made it soooo wide. But I am committed. I plan to finish it in time for it to fly across the country to be a Christmas gift for someone I love dearly.