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(some of my ever-growing) vintage button collection . march 2009

Today is one of those days where I am finally catching up on a few things I really want to share:

I am (beyond) excited to share that Jen Goff and I will be team teaching a workshop this fall at Art and Soul in Portland. The class is an evening class about self-nurturing and is called "Recipes for Self-Care." (You can read more about it here.)

(The beautiful spirit who is) Glenny (and company) has created quite a fantastic lineup for this fall's retreat. There are so many great teachers at this event! Jen is also teaching a self-portrait class, Stephanie will be there and Judy and Katie and LK and Misty and Lisa and Carla and oh how the list goes on!!

Registration began yesterday and I encourage you to check it out at the Art and Soul website. Portland is one of my favorite cities and if you haven't visited, I hope you will think about coming and playing and connecting at this event this fall.


Attention Squamettes:

The first annual Squam Art Show: A Vision of Squam is taking submissions! This is going to be an incredible art show full of the energy and creations that represent this amazing event and the beautiful experience participants had last year. Liz Kalloch dreamed this idea into reality, and Susan Schwake is hosting the event at ArtStream.

I have been thinking about all I want to say about this and why you should submit for a while now, but then I read Kelly's post and then Jenica's post and, well, those two just say it all. In a nutshell: Squamettes, just do it!

There is a lot more information about the show here. (Note that you have to have attended the 2008 Squam Art Workshops to submit.)

And if you are thinking about going to Squam, well, I think you should. It is going to be all kinds of fun. (Read more about the June and September workshops here.)


Today's soundtrack has gone from rain rain rain to a lunch break with the golden girls to the birds chirping as though insisting to mother nature that they want spring to settle in. The sun is peeking out a bit and I am amazed at how much that lifts my spirits. I feel so blessed to be resting inside possibility again these days. Blessed to have friends who support me and push me and see me. Blessed to be learning. Blessed to be open to what is to come.

I honor that attending art retreats like Artfest, Art and Soul, and Squam have invited me to see what being in community with open-hearted, real people can bring into my life. I honor that these events are part of the inspiration behind my decision to follow my dreams and create the Be Present Retreats. And as people register for the Summer retreat and as I work on the Fall and Winter retreats, I hold what I have learned in my heart and am thankful.

Hope things are beautiful in your corner of the world today...