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notes...winners...a sale

liz lamoreux


found heart, alki beach . june 25, 2009

the blue sky is smiling down on us here in the south part of puget sound. summer is in the air as we grilled burgers for lunch and wished for a picnic or an evening with twinkle lights and buckets of beer and laughter of friends far away.

today, i am probably going to head to a favorite cafe for a bit. i am working on a few inspiring projects lately and that is a really good thing. my brain seems to find a sort of flow when drinking a vanilla soy latte surrounded by other people lost in their books, laptops, conversation, one another. oh and i am falling in love with squarespace and creating my own little corner of the web (along with a new, improved corner for the be present retreats...both sites coming soon).


as my path meanders here and there and takes me into new adventures, i have decided to do a few different things with my etsy shop. these changes will probably be implemented over the next few months...and are just a few new things rolling around in this brain of mine.

the first change is that starting next month, about four soul mantra necklaces will be available per month. this will include (about) two new designs and two "old favorites." those will probably be the only necklaces available at any given time. i want to see how this new idea works for a bit...i will still be adding "all dressed up" necklaces from time to time.

so, this means that all the current "old favorite" soul mantras (except a "to be determined" two) will not be available in the shop starting july 1...

soul mantras

i have decided to have a SALE!
this means all soul mantra necklaces in the shop (like the four above and others) are $18!
so if you have your eye on one, get it now before it takes a break from the shop!

all dressed up necklaces

also, just for fun, all current "all dressed up" necklaces are 20% off.

(the prices do not reflect the savings. the easiest way i have found with etsy when having a sale is to refund the difference in the sale price after purchase. this will be done promptly after a purchase is made.)

oh and i did add a few summery bags to the shop (simple selma totes, a few library pocket totes, and two maude bags). i plan to take my yellow library tote literally to the library later this week...makes me smile.


the winners of the CD giveaway from the bubbleville post are:

Vanessa (comment #15)
Anna-Marie Still (comment #4)

congratulations! please send me an email at waywardtulip(@)gmail(dot)com with your address and i will send them off to you!!

and thank you all for your kind comments about our video. jon and i plan to make a few more. we actually spent an afternoon at the mandolin cafe dreaming up new ideas. so. much. fun.


tune in tomorrow afternoon for the next nine interview.

and i hope wherever you are in the world you are feeling the sun shine upon you...