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a quick middle-of-the-day post

liz lamoreux

I want to just say thank you for your comments and emails. Although I haven't had time to reply much lately because I am putting in long days of editing and sewing and crocheting, I just want you to know how much it means to me that you reach across this world to connect with me.

Thank you.

Some answers to a few questions I've received in the comments or by email during these quiet December days:

In the photos of Saturday's post, Jonny and I are making Christmas gifts from thrifted sweaters that I felted. I can't tell you much more as they are gifts, but I hope to share a picture on Christmas Day. All I can say that I was definitely inspired by Alicia and that Jon now knows how to sew buttons onto things. Oh and felting sweaters is my new favorite crafty thing to do. You take a human-size sweater and wash and dry it and before your very eyes it becomes an elf sweater. Just makes me so happy.

Thursday of last week I was sewing together the patchworked fronts of some Selma Scarves. I have a rather large custom order I am finishing this week, so I haven't been able to update the shop much. I do plan to add a few scarves soon.

The top layer I am wearing in these photos is from Old Navy. Rumor has it that its on sale for less that $6 (so if you find a black one in an XL at your Old Navy, will you buy it for me? I will send you money for it and shipping...seriously. updated: thanks kelly!!! you all will see me sporting the black version of this top soon).

The candles we burn throughout our home are from Carla's shop, Zena Moon. They are the best.

And, I know some of you have asked about the circle garland. It really is as easy as it looks. I am going to post a little tutorial later this week in case you want to try it.

Oh and I am totally crocheting a scarf. I made it soooo wide. But I am committed. I plan to finish it in time for it to fly across the country to be a Christmas gift for someone I love dearly.