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pinned it. did it. {with meg}

liz lamoreux

I'm delighted that Meg is sharing about a group of creative kindreds she gathered with over the weekend to just have some girl time. And lucky for us, she's sharing about the bread she made for the occasion. She finds the best recipe pins!


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to gather with some friends who I knew/made while Jen Lee was in town touring with her documentary, Indie Kindred. These ladies, in a few short get-togethers, have become very dear to me as kindred spirits and fellow creatives. We sat and ate delicious “brunchy” foods and pulled out knitting needles and crochet hooks (most of us had to work just to remember what to do with them because it had been so long since the last time we’d picked them up). But just the act of gathering together feels so sacred and so special. We love to chat and scheme about how we are going to collaborate or plan our dream events and who we can meet along the way. Having this community is invaluable. We even scheduled our next “knitty brunch” date before we left so another one is already in the works. Magic, I tell you.

I have a whole breakfast board on Pinterest filled with decadent and delicious ideas for such a brunch. But I’d seen a pin that stuck out in my mind and knew it was the one I wanted to make to take with me to our get together. A huge perk to baking it was that it would satisfy quite a few different diet restrictions (gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free). 

This bread is delicious. And smothered in chocolate. But to warn you, it is quite rich. The use of peanut butter and chocolate chips make it perhaps more dessert-like than breakfast-like. I think you could cut way back on the chocolate chips or replace many/all of them with nuts or dried fruit for a different take on it. But I went full-force on the chocolate chips (I used these) and found it decadent and wonderful. 

The batter is very thick but it bakes up beautifully. A few tricks I learned while making this bread: 1) add a few tablespoons of water while blending to get a wetter batter, 2) let it cool completely before turning it out of the pan or it will fall apart, 3) use two small loaf pans OR one large loaf pan, and 4) have a beverage nearby when eating it. It’s a bit dense and all that peanut butter will make you thirsty!

So many good things coming from my Pinterest boards lately. Have you been doing anything from your Pinterest boards? Share about your Pinterest inspirations in the comments or leave a link for us to see. 

Meg Brothers is an artist, photographer, mama, and dreamer. She loves cooking, tattoos, and sporadic dance parties in the kitchen. She prefers dark chocolate, black coffee, and flip flops when weather permits. She is a lover of Pinterest and truly believes in integrating ideas and inspiration - big or small - into normal life. Meg lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Dustin and son, Julian. Meg writes about photography, family, and creative inspiration at megbrothers.com. Find her on Pinterest here and on Twitter here


Note from Liz: Over here in my corner, I'm trying to "use Pinterest for good." I really see it as a community of people trying to see the beauty and possibility in their lives. I'm adding a few new features here on my blog inspired by or directly about Pinterest as a way to invite others to look for this beauty within a social media community. Connect with me on Pinterest here. Read other "Pinned it. Did it." columns here.