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pieces of this week

liz lamoreux

monday blue

Monday started slow


Voting from the comfort of my couch...

I voted from my couch (this is your gentle reminder to vote)


ready to begin. #poemitout

Mary Oliver guided me back to myself again


studio altar.

I lit a candle and sent lots of love across the miles as I listened to the news


so we made a boat today 

I helped a two year old build a boat and felt like I really had it together as a mama for a little while


A few new beauties to play with today

I worked on a new collection of jewelry inspired by the magic where the forest meets the sea along the Washington and Oregon coasts


Settling into the studio for a while...

This little girl made my heart grow bigger as I witnessed her joy in the simple moments


leaning into all of it tonight. letting trust just be here beside me.

I found my way to rest


out of the house today and it's not raining!

And I made space for in-person connection and had lunch with a new friend.

As the rain falls and we settle in for a Friday evening, I hope this weekend will be full of time to recharge and have fun and unplug and laugh and read poetry and maybe even go on a date. 

May your weekend be full of lightness and ease...