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ninja warrior :: a story, a soul mantra

liz lamoreux

ninja warrior . in the shop

This is me.

Ninja warrior me.

The me who holds a lunch box, juice cup, backpack, purse, and coat in one hand and picks up her toddler with the other.

Who uses words + a camera as secret weapons of peace and truth.

Who sifts through all of it to love fiercely. Me.

The me who puts a chicken to roast in the oven, colors with crayons, cleans up dog vomit, changes her clothes in the middle of the kitchen, reassures and stays calm all in under three minutes.

Who moves through roles almost seamlessly without even needing a costume change.

Who translates toddler code and social media babbling.

Who feels like she's undercover whenever she walks into Target alone.


Ninja warrior me.

The me who navigates unchartered lands and keeps her head above water even when she is terrified.

Who hides her stealth behind layers, ruffles, and knee-high red boots.



Ninja warrior, sitting in the quiet, dancing in the beauty, honoring the realness, standing tall in all of it, learning how to rest, me.


This weekend, I made this locket for myself because I needed to simply own that being a woman is to be a ninja warrior sometimes. 

I shared it on Instagram and after getting a couple of emails about it, I've added it to the shop in case you need one too. Or you can customize this same locket with your own "this is me" phrase. (If you want help brainstorming your "this is me" phrase for your locket, just send over an email.)

May you stand tall as your warrior, peacemaker, real, beautiful self today.

(Thank you to Jen for our conversation a few months ago where she said that sometimes mamas are ninja warriors. I've held onto this phrase daily since then.)