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water your soul

liz lamoreux

December, you hold so much in your 31 days. The hustle and bustle of the holidays. The missing of those we love. The gatherings of family and friends and people we can't wait to hug and those we wish we didn't have to see. The loneliness that so often rests in the quiet spaces. The expectations, ours and others, that almost twinkle at the edges of each day. The hopes and the dreams and "the new year is almost here" anticipation all wrapped up around us, within us. 

There is beauty. And there is messy. There is peace. And there is the longest night of the year.

Many feel moved to go inward even though the world around us pushes us to do and be more.

This December, come along on a journey
to w
ater your soul in the midst of it all.

Gather in community with like-minded spirits and give yourself the gift of remembering you, your soul care needs, your stories, you. Be gently reminded you that you are not alone as you experience all that this season brings.

How this program will work:

Emails to ground you :: From December 1 through December 31, you will receive three emails each week that will invite you to nourish yourself. Each email will include a soul care invitation along with encouragement and inspiration. These invitations might include "being present" practices such as meditations and reflection, short photography or writing prompts, or creative self-care recipes.  

Facebook community :: Beginning November 26 through the first week of January, we will also gather in an optional Facebook group to share pieces of ourselves and support one another. Here you will be able to connect about your experiences with the soul care work, share photographs, and have space held for you as you need it.

Learn more and register here.