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on my serious side... (a guest post from kolleen harrison)

liz lamoreux

while we are soaking up the wonder of a newborn in the house, a few of my blogging friends are sharing some guests posts...enjoy today's personal story from kolleen harrison.



kolleen and her son chandler

last weekend i woke up early, piled 3 of my 4 kids into the car and drove over to the beach for the weekend. my hubby was already there since he had a meeting the day prior.

as i was driving...i kept looking in my rear view mirror checking on my kids (as a mom tends to do, i think! right moms?).

each time i would do this, my sweet Chandler would be
smiling to himself,
talking a bit to himself,
laughing a little.

it made me stop and think...
i realize the fact that he has autism would seem like a curse to many.
and trust me at times it can be VERY difficult.
but that day.
that particular day,
as i was driving and watching him i had to stop and ask myself this...
for a second i wondered...

maybe the "non- awareness" actually is a blessing...
maybe the not knowing the evils and sadness that are in our world can be a good thing??"

i don't know...

i know Chandler has many struggles but quite honestly he doesn't really know that.
i know by society's standards "he is different"...but quite honestly he doesn't really know that either.
what i feel he does know is this...
he is very loved by his family,
his dad is his constant and sometimes he wishes i would have a baby (and it would be a boy) so he wouldn't be so outnumbered! (LOTS of women in this household!!!)

i am certainly not trying to "make light" of the fact that this precious boy was diagnosed at age 2 1/2 with autism...

i am simply trying to find the blessing in it...the positive.

thank you for listening...


kolleen harrison is a mama to 4 crazy kiddlies and wife to one prince charming.

she loves paint on her fingers, music up loud, creating little pieces that emphasize optimism and positivity and in turn will make your heart smile!  

visit her at http://www.heartwingsisters.blogspot.com