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letting go of fear (a guest post by jennifer belthoff)

liz lamoreux

while we are soaking up the wonder of a newborn in the house, a few of my blogging friends are sharing some guests posts...enjoy today's musings by jennifer belthoff.




I feel like a failure
I came here
Volunteering to be present
Seeking to be inspiring
And everything I write doesn't even sound like my voice

I feel like a fraud
These words
They aren't me
I do not write like this

I am fearful of writing something terrible
Fearful of disappointing a friend
Where is this sudden writing fright coming from?

This fear is keeping me from being myself
It is holding me back
And spewing out things that aren't me

I must take hold of the fear
Place it in my hands
Firmly let the fear know I won't hold on
Then gently let it go

Upon release
I can hear the words my heart are speaking
My hands flow easily across the page
I can see myself appearing 

Free from fear
Fully present
Opening my soul to the world 

What are you able to see
When you let go of fear?



Jennifer Belthoff is
a dreamer,
a writer,
and a collector of words.

She enjoys
soaking in the sunshine,
laughing with her family,
and connecting with people.

You can get a little view
of life through her eyes
at Giggling in the Rain