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a certain kind of morning

liz lamoreux

It's a taking five deep breaths in the midst of the fog kind of morning.

A Hall & Oats followed by The Cars on the "Oldies" station kind of morning.

The sort of morning where you drop your daughter off at preschool and see her run up to her teacher and her friends and tell them all about her weekend and you think about how every single person in her life is shaping her in the best kinds of ways.

The sort of morning where you realize there isn't a lot of space for the guilt when you really pay attention.

The sort of morning where you make the choice to feel compassion toward the person driving a car full of bumper stickers that are everything you are not that just pulled out in front of you causing you to quickly brake.

It's that kind of morning.

The kind where you feel the blessings deep into your bones when you think about the work you get to share with the world.

Where you stand in the intersection of all that you know and all that is possible and treat yourself to a chai tea latte + chocolate croissant.

Where you know you have to pause to write it all down so you can remind yourself that these mornings exist on those days when nothing seems to go right.


It is exactly that kind of morning.