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liz lamoreux

Inner Excavation edits . Spring 2010

In 2010, I had two babies: One was a curious, joy-filled, now-soon-to-be two beana named Ellie Jane. The other was an invitation to be curious and look inward and find your inner poet + capture the world through your lens + make something 144-page book named Inner Excavation.

And as those two creations found their way into the world, life turned a bit upside down as Ellie’s health and newborn needs pushed me to focus solely on her.


afternoon nap . late July 2010

Inner Excavation started shipping from Amazon while we were at Seattle Children’s Hospital when Ellie had her open-heart surgery in the fall of 2010. I simply didn’t have space to think about it. And the lack of space around this truth means I actually haven’t even reread my book. 

(I’ve wanted to write this here for a long time - this piece about how I haven’t really let in joy about my book being in the world because there wasn’t space for it because I was in this place holding fear and love as my daughter had life-saving surgery. And then I was in that place that is life with a baby who becomes an on-the-move toddler who is still overcoming health stuff.)

But sitting here with the sun coming in through the windows while my daughter sleeps down the hall, I am thinking about how I am ready to open the pages of my book and read it and work through some of the prompts again.

And I’m wondering if you want to join me?

I’m thinking this summer here on the blog. Kind of like a read along meets a free ecourse. Probably seven weeks with the seven chapters + a Flickr group where we can share what we create from the prompts in the book + some guest posts from a few of the book’s incredibly inspiring contributors. And videos from me where I share some new thoughts about the topics in the book and share my new responses to some of the prompts.

I would love for you to come along…

PS After such an awesome delightful response (thank you!), I have put together an information page here. And you can sign up for the Flickr group over here.