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a girl and her vintage suitcases

liz lamoreux


EJ suitcases 1a


Taking Ellie out into the world where there are lots of people can be intense sometimes as it can be with toddlers. She wants to walk where she wants to walk and she mostly wants to just keep walking to see all that she can see and find lots of grates in the street and sidewalk and not spend time looking through adorable booths of very good things at the Fremont Market where we went this morning at my request because I wanted crepes.


EJ suitcases 1b


But then I spotted a few flowered oh my goodness those colors! vintage suitcases tucked under some vintage clothes in a booth. And suddenly we very much agreed on stopping to look around.

After I bought them, she would not let them go. 


EJ suitcases 1a


As in a "we are going to wait for daddy in this spot and I am in charge of the suitcases so don't you touch them I really mean it" sort of not letting them go.


EJ suitcases 2


As in an "I see you looking at them because you think I am in the way but I am setting up my own booth right here thank you very much" sort of way.


EJ suitcases 3


With several minutes of "I think some other people might see how awesome these are and try to take them so I am just going to keep my eyes on them and stand right here." 


EJ suitcases 5


And then she insisted on carrying them to the car.

Gosh I love this kid.

And oh how I love these suitcases! Found them in a booth run by this delightful Etsy seller who I found out has a little "only open on some Saturdays" shop here in Tacoma that I can't wait to visit soon.