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being a little afraid and doing it anyway

liz lamoreux

i am brave . a whispered soul mantra locket in the shop

Over here, Ellie and I have been having a few conversations about what it means to be brave. One way we've been talking about it is how being brave can mean being afraid, but doing something anyway.

A few items on her current brave list (in my words):

  • Being a little scared to sleep in her new big girl bed but doing it anyway (going on nine days now).
  • Walking into her room when the light is off and moving her stool so she can reach it to turn it on.
  • Letting me wash her hair even though she is scared of water getting in her eyes.
  • Saying she's sorry to her friends at school when she hurts their feelings.

A few things on my current brave list:

  • Asking for help.
  • Knowing I have too much "on my plate," and taking steps to put a few things on pause and let go of others.
  • Sharing and writing even more of the true stories.
  • Letting go of even more of the stuff (the physical and emotional) that rests inside our home so we can have even more space.

 (In some ways these lists seem pretty similar.)

And you, how are you being brave in your corner?


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