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having too much fun...

liz lamoreux

for weeks and weeks now i have been creating bits and pieces of things for a little etsy shop i hope to open in the next few weeks...
but this weekend, i went to a fabric store in seattle with dana, and i found a fabric that i adored (you know that feeling? when you see a fabric you just want to drape yourself in, sleep in, curl up in?), so i decided to make something just for me...i have been so excited thinking about artfest that i decided to make a bag for artfest. something bright and cheery to signify how excited i am and how much the experience last year and looking forward to this year means to me.

here it is:

abloom purse

a little closer in so you can see all the colors (oh i want to just bathe in these colors) and a glimpse of the "patch" i created:
abloom patch and front of purse

and here is a close up of the little fabric patch i made for the front (it is quite a bit easier to read in person); i bet you can guess that it is my favorite part:

abloom patch

i had never embroidered anything really, let alone letters, until yesterday. i love how it turned out. oh and just in case you can't tell, it says, "i am abloom."

a little glimpse into the pockets inside. there is one for my cell phone, another for my ipod, one for wallet and little bag of stuff i carry in whatever purse i am using, and another pocket divided in two so that one side can hold my favorite moleskine side that i carry with me everywhere and the other side is for whatever the else i want i guess:

a peak inside the lining of my "abloom" purse

yep, i am having way too much fun in my little room...