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the road to enchantment

liz lamoreux

the resort where we stayed was nestled in this canyon...

the road to enchantment

while there...

i ate the yummiest ahi tuna i have had since jon and i went to maui for our honeymoon
i had two massages (planned to have one, but after the first, the therapist said, "you are having another one right?")
my mother taught me how to knit and crochet
i learned i hold so much in my heart and in my neck
i laughed, a lot, with my mom
i felt comfortable being naked
my heart (that has felt broken for almost two years, has been physically painful on and off for two years) was pushed to begin to heal (it hasn't hurt, at all, since the "soul seeker" experience)
i tapped into my native american past
i ate two meals at a restaurant wearing a bathrobe
i watched the oscars and howled, literally howled, when ellen made the "america voted for al gore" joke
i sat in comfortable silence with my mom
i didn't wear any make-up and got some sun on my face
i was given the assigment of taking three sea salt baths, but i had to use sea salt bath scrub, and the oiliness of the scrub caused me to get stuck in the bathtub because i couldn't get out without slipping, which meant i had to say, "mom, i need help getting out of the tub" and allow my mom to help me
it snowed
it was warm enough for flip flops
i fell in love with the red rocks
i felt far away from a lot
i felt at peace with who i am becoming
i remembered