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just can't get enough pink

liz lamoreux

pink buttons spilling

thanks for all the kinds words about my "abloom" purse...

it seems that i am surrounding myself with all things pink lately. i just can't get enough pink in my life...

pink thread

i continue to sew fabric and paper and other bits and bobbins together...even though i am also working on some kind of a sinus infection, i am still having fun with all the ideas flowing through my head that i then translate into something tangible. an idea becomes something i can touch.

kelly and i keep brainstorming about ArtFest and all the fun that is to come. she is also helping me think through creating my shop and some other things. during our conversations, i have had to admit that i think i create obstacles for myself to prevent myself from accomplishing what i really want to do. i don't see it as fear in the moment, but that is what it is. i am giving it a name. it is, indeed, fear. i am afraid to admit what i want and who i am and who i want to be...

i have written down steps, attainable steps, of what i will do in the next few weeks to get my website, etsy shop, and other things together. i took the first step last night (order moo cards to hand out at ArtFest). tonight i went to the art store and bought two 8x8 canvases to use in creating two pieces for the ArtFest gallery (the pieces are already sketched! just have to make them real now). the next steps include creating just the front page for my website, organizing and making my trades for ArtFest, and finishing up a few things for the shop that is to come.

(deep breath mingled with a sigh)

i am so excited.