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patience hides

liz lamoreux

I have been doing some reading in preparation for writing the content of my new website (for my yoga teaching business). I am always intrigued by the way the universe hands you exactly what you need, though you have to be open and quiet to notice sometimes. Some of this reading has been about having patience for yourself and others and having the courage to ask for what you need - letting this be part of your yoga practice off the mat. And in my life in the last day, I have had some moments where patience seems to have hidden under the bed just out of reach. And in losing this patience, I have lost empathy for another and courage to say what I need in the midst of a challenging moment. My mind becomes too cluttered with "the stuff" that comes up in a moment of anger or disappointment. Yet, these moments pass. Thank goodness. And the universe handed me a call from my dear friend who listened so I could let some of the stuff go. Then once again, I can recognize the love that sits in the room in the midst of the challenging moments.

(photo: beach in Pt. Townsend, WA, 2/5/05, canon rebel)