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the mind ebbs and flows

liz lamoreux

This morning I taught a free yoga class (at union yoga center, the studio where I teach some classes). Such a great way to start the weekend. Inviting the students to breathe and let go of the mind.

How do we let go of the mind though? Even in our calmest moments this is not easy. A very foreign concept to our bodies and minds. To dwell in the body, in the breath, without grabbing onto any and all thoughts. I struggle with this all the time. However, I notice that when I allow myself the space to try to let go, even if only for a few seconds, life seems...well...it is as though I am actually in my body living my life as opposed to being in my head and letting life happen. By letting go of the control, I feel more in control. Letting go of self-judgement; quieting the inner critic.

I recently picked up a copy of ascent (a yoga magazine published in canada). Inside there is a wonderful cartoon that illustrates scenes from the Bhagavad Gita - focusing on the yoga of action and the path of knowledge (illustrations by R. Sikoryak). Inviting us to find humor in between the lines of our quest for detachment and freedom. Find a copy and check it out!