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the farmers' market

liz lamoreux

Today, a trip to Olympia's Farmers' Market. Picture: A man with long blond hair plays the guitar, singing, as a man and his young daughter look on - she dances and giggles. The rain has stopped for a few minutes as people sit eating clam chowder, crab cakes, chicken on skewers. Apples, apples, and more apples. The last of the peaches and summer squash. Beautiful tomatoes, lettuce, carrots. A young woman sells gorgeous vases, frames, lamps that are made of clay (and I stop every time wanting to buy something but not yet ready to decide on a piece). A man who strains to hear any questions asked of him sells ostrich meat and hollow ostrich eggs. A booth with tie-dyed shirts for all, including baby pj's and bandanas for your dog. Dahlias and sunflowers everywhere. A grandmother sells wondrous jam (and yes, I tried some and then yes, I bought some). Handmade cards, copper bowls, soaps. The market vibrates with the exchange of ideas, laughter, goods.

I love the days when I just get in the car and go exploring. Working from home sometimes invites feeling of walls closing in and lonliness. So good to get out and breathe in the fresh pacific northwest air, duck in and out of the rain, and talk to people.

(photo: apples for sale, olympia farmers market, 9/30/05, canon digital rebel)