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you. are. awesome.

liz lamoreux

When we were in Walt Disney world last week, I carried a stack of these in my pocket each day. When a cast member (aka someone who works for Disney) was a big help or just made me smile, I gave one to them.

It was so much fun to see their reactions. They aren't allowed to take tips, so a couple tried to hand it back to me not realizing what it was. Watching them read the words and then smile, or even look up in surprise, was pretty incredible for me.

From the cleaning woman who was calling in the power outage in a bathroom in the Animal Kingdom and was calmly and clearly explaining that she wasn't kidding and they needed to deal with it right away to the retired gentleman who works with the boats a few days a week who held the boat so Ellie could run to the bathroom (they needed to hold it anyway to avoid too many at the dock...but still, his kindness was real) to the bus driver who was simply kind to my little family when we were very very tired, so many people made our day better.

I'm going to start carrying these in my pocket every day because the truth is so many of us out in the world need to be reminded that we are seen. This is one simple way to do that.

Also thinking about making some that you "You've Got This" because I could have really used one of those on one of our boat trips at nap time when my kid was that kid that has you saying to your kids, "Thank you for not acting like that today."

You can get your own You Are Awesome stickers right here.