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liz lamoreux


These words have burrowed into my cells. This is how I want to live...deeply embodying the width and the depth. Always. Even when it feels very very hard and I just want to watch bad tv instead.

I'm about half of the way through Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. I read it on the plane while Ellie slept on my lap. And I ugly cried. A lot. It was very cathartic in that way where you feel like you're not alone in seeing the beauty and the grit of life. Yes. And if I'm really honest, it makes me want to start an advice column of sorts one day a week on the blog. Where you ask questions and I answer them. For reals. (If you have a question, send it over and we'll see where, if anywhere, this sentence takes us.)

Vivienne's Be Your Own Beloved ecourse starts tomorrow. It is one of the best courses out there. And I've taken quite a few my friends. If you haven't taken it yet, I really encourage you to. And her post "Your Selfie is Enough" is one of my favorites I've read this month.

The article "Lottery Tickets: Grieving for a Husband" by Elizabeth Alexander is one of the most moving, beautiful pieces of writing I've ever read.

I went into the rabbit hole of youtube this week and came across episodes of Dinner for Five, which was a great show on IFC. I watched this one and found out that JJ Abrahms wrote Regarding Henry, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. If you haven't seen it, it's your homework. I mean, I love it so much, I want to make a movie club and make that our first one. 

I want to figure out how to make this with white lights in my living room. I love it!

This week I wrote about five mindfulness practices you can start doing today and I think you might find something on the list to try this weekend.

So this print makes the Star Wars geek in me giddy.

I want to make this glitter paint with EJ soon.

And the Trust Love chocolate over at Storypeople makes me very very happy.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend dear one. Remember to get outside and breathe in the beauty around you.