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why water your soul?

liz lamoreux

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Recently I was asked, "Why a program in December?" 

My answer: Because we teach what we most need

In today's video, I share a story about how being neck deep in survival mode and wearing guilt like a shawl brought me to a place of not wanting to do anything for the holidays. Which led me to deeply see how we make our expectations of this time of year a thick layer on top of all the day-to-day living that continues in December. 

What if you let go of some of those expectations and in doing so created more space for joy, light, and the truth of what you most need right now?

Water Your Soul is an invitation to trust you are not alone in feeling whatever this time of year brings up for you.

It's about making simple moves in December that will help take away from the chaos, not add to it.

It's about being right here giving yourself the gift of replenishing you even as you also give to others.

A beautiful group is already gathering in our private Facebook space where we are checking in each day and beginning to share stories and connect. We "officially" begin December 1.

Click here to learn more and join us.

Please email me any questions you have.