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where the forest meets the sea (a new collection of soul mantras)

liz lamoreux

article in new somerset life (this photo so huge...wow)

This past spring, Somerset Life published one of my articles about the sea and how it calls to me and how I feel at home there. It was paired with photos I've taken on the Oregon Coast, and the beautiful way these photos were shared really pushed me to own that I am a photographer.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

I stand with my toes sinking into the sand with my senses enveloped by the push and the pull of the crashing waves in front of me. The water pools around me as I find my breath. I notice how my mind begins to slow as my breath expands the space around my heart. The seagulls soar overhead and the plovers rush back and forth along the shoreline. The sun bounces light off the sea; I spot bits of blue peeking out behind the clouds; and I begin to find a rhythm within that pushes me to just be right here.

I come to the sea to remember there is magic around me as I watch light shimmer, dip, and twirl where water and solid ground meet. As the tide moves closer and then back again, I think about the conversation the sea has each day with the moon as they keep time with the light and shadow dancing around them.

I come to the sea to remember my stories. It is at the sea that I hear my grandmother’s laughter, see my parents holding hands, feel the joy of finding a whole sand dollar, and remember the first time I was brave enough to wade all the way out to my waist, gripping my grandfather’s hand with each bobbing step.

I come to the sea to let go of what no longer serves me as I ask her to take pieces of grief and all that will not be out with the tide. I imagine all of it tumbling with shell fragments and driftwood until it entwines with the seaweed that sways farther than I can see.

I come to the sea to remember me…

A few weeks ago, I was in the midst of one of those days that was thick with "stuff." I found myself longing for the clarity the sea brings me, especially those sacred places where I'm able to stand right where the tall green evergreens of the Pacific Northwest meet the water.

I was in my studio hammering a few custom lockets when phrases about this sacred place and the wisdom found there began to float through the air. I decided to catch them in lockets and on soul mantras as they appeared. Then I gathered a few of my favorite beads that remind me of the brighter sunny days at the sea and then ordered a few gemstones that remind me of the cloudier days on the coast.

And through hours spent curled up in my studio and in the family room while everyone else was asleep, the "where the forest meets the sea" collection came to be.


This is the first collection I've made in a while where I listened to intution instead of thinking about what would sell. Each piece truly calls to me, and I hope you love them as much as I do. You can find these and more from the collection here in the shop.

On Tuesday, I'll be sharing more about the prayer flags sets I've been making that will be in the shop Monday evening. If you'd like a sneak peek, head over here to this Flickr set. (And if you want me to reserve one for you, just email me.)