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trying on new {website} clothing

liz lamoreux

I'm feeling restless over here. At least in the sense that I'm in that space where I know I want to make some changes to my website, but I'm not quite ready to take the big plunge into a new fancy site. I just want to tweak things a bit here and there, even though that probably goes against all that "they" would tell me to do when it comes to a brand.

I just want to set that down and have some fun. Like I want to keep changing that tagline up there to whatever I'm moved to whisper to you today. And I want to play with a few different colors. Like pink. Yes, pink. Because why not? And I want to revise my about page. And create a page about how I want to teach more and give talks and circle more in person. And maybe even create a page for local events because I really believe I'm going to make that happen. And how the list goes on. (I did just add a welcome page right here. Probably needs some bells and whistles but it makes me happy.)

So I'm going to just go at my pace and make this a summer project. It won't be the kind you do all on one weekend, but the kind you do in the inbetween spaces after everyone goes to bed or when the breeze on the back porch is just right or after you pour that perfect tall glass of fresh homemade lemonade.

Yes. Exactly at that pace.

(So pardon the construction at times. You probably won't really notice, but I wanted to let you know.)