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these days...

liz lamoreux

a couple of images from a little self-portrait session i did in a peek of sun earlier this week

these days i am...

writing . finishing the last chapter and other parts of the book. my editor's endless patience has been quite the gift during these weeks of trying to be creative with writing, photography, working in the studio while doing perhaps the most creative thing i have ever done (grow a human being). i am behind. but i am getting it done. and it feels like these words i am writing on the page are appearing exactly as they need to.

seeing . the elves were here again (in the form of my mom and steve) and we have unearthed more corners of our home so that it feels more like a true home and not a gathering place for stuff. we have more light, more room, and just the push we needed to keep it a bit neater on a day to day basis. my heart feels so much lighter each time jon and i work together to clean up after dinner, do the laundry, and so on...and most importantly, sit at the table together for meals.

gathering . little pieces of this and that to turn a guest room into the room where the new member of our family will live. there is a crib and a happy chandelier and a few bits of pink and purple. in the little room, i have begun gathering some bits to create the prayer flags that will hang above her and welcome her into the rhythms and love of our world.

listening . i have been sitting in the quiet to hear the wisdom within me. a humming meditation and toning in the shower are pushing me to remember my grounded true self. 

adventuring . just finished rereading about magpie's adventures in dreamdark and am ordering the next one. i just love that laini has given us a standing tall in her place in this world heroine that i can't wait for my daughter to meet one day as she turns the pages while on her own reading adventure.

seeking . today, i started reading birthing from within. there have been a few somewhat interesting experiences while having ultrasounds and appointments during this growing a human being time and there is the very slight chance i might have a scheduled c-section. i came close to pitching a tent in the land of uncertainty, especially when i didn't feel like i was being given clear information. but, i am now pushing myself toward being planted in the world of feeling strong in my body, heart, and mind as i see the third trimester of this adventure on the horizon. it is good.

dancing . little breaks to get this body moving have been such a good thing on these grey days. millie, baby bean, and i enjoy michael franti on repeat (dare you to sit still). and really i just can't get enough of joshua radin. 

knowing . a group of women has surrounded me during the last few months with their wisdom. with their words of "i am right here next to you. cry as long as you need to" when i thought a dream was dying. with their pushing me to see the truth when i felt like someone had peeked inside my idea journal and torn out every page. with their gentle answers to my many mama questions. with their loud, real laughter. with their brainstorming. with their reminders. with their truth. with their love. and i sit here knowing this truth, this truth that i am not alone, and my heart fills with this truth and i know i am blessed.

and you? what have you been experiencing these days? i would love to know...