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the nine (with bella cirovic)

liz lamoreux

The Nine is an interview series with creative folks that began on my blog, Be Present, Be Here, in the Spring of 2009; the interviewees are asked to respond to nine questions in photographs (or video). All the interviews can be found here.

Today, I am delighted that kindred Bella Cirovic is answering these Nine questions. Gosh I adore this girl and her way of looking at the world. She is brave and real, and these traits shine through in her photographs. 

Enjoy these glimpses into Bella's world... 


Question 1: Who are you?

Question 2: In this moment, where are you?

Question 3: What are the textures of your corner of the world?

Question 4: If you had an hour alone to just play, what would you do?

Question 5: How do you seek joy?

Question 6: What nourishes you?

Question 7: When you need to simply take a breath and ground yourself, what do you do?

Question 8: How do you nurture your creative dreams?

Question 9: Does your heart have a secret wish you want to share?


Bella Cirovic is a photographer and visual storyteller who lives in the suburbs just outside of NYC.

She shares her stories and photos at her blog, She Told Stories and is the hostess of the 52 Photos Project. 

All photos copyright Bella Cirovic. Bio photo of Bella by Thea Coughlin.