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the kindred project: day 12 (on noticing)

liz lamoreux

The Kindred Project: 12 Days of Light and Yes is about sharing our stories of light and hope. The moments where we said "yes" to choosing beauty in the midst of it all. The moments where we stood in our own light. The moments where we saw someone else choose hope. The moments where another became our teacher and where we taught ourselves. Read more about the project and share your own stories in this post. During these 12 days, I am sharing a few of the lights along my path that have pushed me and taught me and held me in the midsts of it all. 



soul mantras awaiting a polish and chains before they head into the world

There were so many stories I wanted to share with you during these 12 days (that have become 13 days) but I am going to instead let go of that for now and tuck those stories away for another time because this is what I am called to share today...

In my Asian Philosopy class in college, I was introduced to this idea of becoming an observer of yourself. My quick explanation of this (because really you could study books and more books about this): The idea is to try to observe moments in your life with a sense of detachment, so you can see a bit more clearly and notice. You just notice. Letting go of the judgement or worry or fear or anger or what ifs and notice. 

This is a beautiful and powerful practice but so often it is oh-my-goodness hard.

Lately, I have been trying to do this in a few areas of my life, and this practice has pushed me to really admit some things (to myself):

You are on the path. (And you know it, so stop pretending you don't.)

You are too hard on yourself baby girl. There is only so much time in the day and you are only one person and it is okay to know that you are doing the best you can.

People are rarely as mad or even as dismayed as you assume they will be. In fact, they are hardly ever mad at all.

The universe is taking care of you in ways you don't even realize.

It so isn't about you. It isn't. But it can seem so easy to make it all about you. Yes. But people are just living their lives, doing their best too.

You will always miss them. This is truth, and it is okay.

People won't always get you. Just keep moving forward.

You must honor the people who do get you. Like. right. now. 

Spending more time in the living will infuse you with energy.

You are enough. You are enough. You are enough.

I am pushing myself to own these truths. I am also looking at the expectations I have of myself and trying to uncover where those expectations come from and if they really belong to me and are my truth. Luckily, I have some support in this area as this is big work. But in doing this work, I know my path will be lighter. Because even when I don't want to admit it, I make the choice. I choose to know these truths and stand in this light. I choose..


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