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the kindred project

liz lamoreux

there are 12 days in the spring that have become the 12 days that created this little family that lives in this little house in the pacific northwest.

today, may 27th, is jon's birthday.
my birthday is in almost two weeks, on june 7.
and right in the middle is the day when little eleanor jane took her first breath.

12 days that created this little family.

so for these 12 days, i want to have a celebration with a little project. i want to do something to honor the way that we choose joy, hope, love...the way that we choose to live in the true home inside ourselves.

An Invitation 

Please share your stories of love and hope and joy. The stories where you have stood in the light within. I challenge you to see this light and claim it, to give yourself the gift of being seen. 

Please share the stories of others who have pushed you to see that you can choose the beauty and possibility and love.  

These stories can be simple. They might be one sentence. They might be a link to a blog post by another.

These stories can be anonymous.

These stories can be shared in whatever way calls you.

If you feel moved, please share your stories in the comments. I would love for this spot to be a place where your stories can rest...where your stories can become teachers to all of us. Perhaps you will decide to share your story on your blog, and if you do, I hope you will come back here to this post and leave a link in the comments.

A Shop Special


For these 12 days, I have listed the "hope," "joy," "love," and "home" simple soul mantra necklaces at a special price in the shop with free shipping for this item. But here is the catch: I would love to send this necklace to someone in your life who needs to be honored and reminded that they can choose hope and that they are loved and that they can live inside joy. Maybe they need to be given the gift of remembering the beauty of standing in the light of the true home that is inside them.


When you purchase this necklace, just indicate which word you would like on the necklace (choosing hope, love, home, or joy) and then include the recipient's address in the notes to seller. You can also let me know what you would like the accompanying note to say. (And, if you want to send it anonymously as a little surprise of hope in the mail, just let me know and I will include an anonymous note.)

And know this: If you are reading this and know that you are the one who most needs a message of love, hope, joy, or home as a talisman for your journey, well, the special is for you too. 

A Blog Series

Today, in another post, I am sharing pieces of what brought me to this moment and this belief that I can say "yes" to the beauty and the joy while standing tall in the real truth of my life (this originally appeared in this post but I have moved it to its own spot here). Then, beginning tomorrow, I will share a few of the lights along my path that have pushed me and taught me and held me in the midst of it all. 

Thank you (yes you) for being a light on my path...

Sending blessings to you across the miles,