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ten years, ten phrases

liz lamoreux

Ten years ago, I created my own little corner of the Internet that I called "Be Present, Be Here." I was in the middle of my first experience with really deep grief while also studying yoga and mindfulness as part of a two year yoga teacher training. The name came out of a strong desire to live my yoga each day, to practice presence in the world filled with distractions while also beginning a journey of finding my voice. These ten years have cracked me open and through it all I've found my way with the stories, connection, and community my blog has given me.

To celebrate these ten years, I've created the "Ten Years, Ten Phrases" collection, which is full of the ten Soul Mantra phrases that have been handholds for me during this time. There's a little story behind each piece, and I'm going to share them here in this space over the next few weeks. You can find all the Soul Mantras from this collection right here.

Thanks for finding your way here. My hope is that these phrases become handholds for you too as life takes you on it's awesome, sometimes messy, beautiful journey.