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flag sets are in the shop!

liz lamoreux

Over Memorial Day weekend, Ellie and I made a set of prayer flags for her room and another set to hang outside on my studio. It was pretty magical! I want to tell the whole story of making them with Ellie in another post soon (it was her first time sewing with a sewing machine!), but today, I want to share that I had so much fun creating them that I couldn't stop myself from wanting to make more. So I'm having a pre-sale of flag sets in the shop!

I've been creating flag sets in various styles for almost 10 years. All my flag sets are inspired by Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags and Apache burden baskets. As I create them, I'm singing away in my studio as I infuse them with love and joy and wishes of light and peace for you. When you hang them inside or outside your home, let them carry your prayers, wishes, burdens, hopes, worries, and deepest dreams and then release them into the world as they blow in the breeze. 

These flag sets are available just through Thursday of this week! Creating these brings me so much joy, but due to time and other projects, these flags aren't always available in the shop. So if you'd like a set or two, place your order now. They'll come packaged in a sweet little cloth bag ready to give as a gift or hang up in your home. 

the extra imperfect locket sale

liz lamoreux

All of my jewelry is meant to be a bit imperfect because it is stamped by hand, but sometimes lockets can get a little "extra" imperfect. This happens because they are vintage and have scratches and dents and spots. It also happens because sometimes my stamp slips when I hammer and a letter is slightly double stamped.

I've put these "extra" imperfect lockets on sale in my shop at 40% off!

Even in their imperfections, these lockets are all beautiful and hold the mindfulness intentions and love of the full-price lockets in my shop. There are a handful left and you can find them right here. UPDATE: All extra imperfect lockets have sold out. Thank you! I'll have another sale this summer. 

And I realized that I don't think I've ever shared that all my jewelry comes with a postcard sharing the story of the Soul Mantra jewelry. It says:

Sometimes we need a traveling companion to remind us to be present to the beauty and truth that surround us. We need to be reminded to shine a light on what is real, to heal, to dance inside joy. We need to be gently pushed to find our way to laughter and fill the cracks that life creates. We need an invitation to stand tall and give ourselves permission to rest.

The Soul Mantra jewelry collection is filled with talismans to carry with you on your journey. When you feel the jewelry resting against your skin or notice it on your dresser before you put it on, give yourself permission to bring awareness to your breathing. Inhale and speak your mantra. Exhale and let whatever you need from the mantra settle over you.

I feel so blessed to be sending these talismans into the world. Thank you so much for your continued support.



the sparkle and joy collection

liz lamoreux

The Sparkle & Joy Collection

I have a confession: 

I've fallen in love with glitter. And sequins. And things that sparkle. As in, I can't stop myself. As in, I bought new pink glasses that have glitter in them. (For reals.)

It has spilled over into my shop when I spotted these beads and had to do something with them. Right. Now.

The Sparkle & Joy Collection is (very) limited edition and filled with a few necklaces and earrings to bring a little bit more sparkle into your world!

Check them all out right here.

Today's shop special

Over on my new FB group, I've been sharing shop specials all week. Today's is the Mystery Soul Mantra Necklaceand it's available for only $15 (which is 25% off!). The mystery is that I will choose a soul mantra word for you from my collection of favorites. Words on my studio table today include enough, rest, wonder, worthy, hope, and love. Perfect for gifts and as a surprise just for you.

new silver collection (and a shop coupon)

liz lamoreux

I'm so excited to announce my new silver collection is in the shop. New pewter pendants (with customizable options!), silver-plated lockets, and a few sterling silver pieces (including the popular "so i fly" necklace).

Over the years I've had a lot of requests for silver pieces, and I'm so thrilled to be able to offer some options at several price points.

(And if you look through the new items, you just my spot my tentative word for 2014. Have you been thinking about your word yet? I'm going to spend some time writing about my 2013 word soon and what I've learned from it.)

And just for fun a little pre-holiday sale in the shop! Use coupon code FIFTEEN to take 15% off your order through Friday. (Remember, just click "apply coupon code" right above your shopping cart total and enter the code there.)

Thank you for supporting my shop and my family. I'm feeling deeply blessed to be able to share my stories and create these talismans to be sent out into the world.

Big love,


the space between collection

liz lamoreux

open up and live bracelet

As I move in and out of the roles I play in my life...
teacher, mama, friend, wife, artist, business owner, writer, and how the list goes on...
I try to pause for a few moments
to notice the space found in between these roles
to notice the world around me so I can get out of my head
and back into my heart.

stand in your light necklace

During these moments, I take a deep breath, soak up the world around me, and listen to the words I most need to hear.

i am home necklace

The Space Between Collection is inspired by those words and the colors I see in the in between spaces of my day during this winter season in the Pacific Northwest:

As I look at the window holding my morning cup of coffee
When I walk from the studio to my house
When I notice the changing colors of the sky throughout the day
When I see just a peek of Puget Sound when I pick up my daughter from school
When I walk in the woods and try to just be present to this moment right here...

new soul mantras

I'm having so much fun creating with these colors and phrases that have been swirling around my heart for the last couple of months. Like the "Forest to the Sea" collection, creating these pieces felt like a true meditation. And I'm excited to include several pairs of new Soul Mantra earrings in this collection. Almost all the necklaces are one of a kind, but I will be making a handful each of the bracelets and earrings. You can see more of the collection here in my shop.

shop update

liz lamoreux

betty layers july

betty in layers

This weekend, I had some time to gather up beads + lockets + a few happy butterflies + a few other good things to create a new collection of Soul Mantra necklaces and bracelets that are now in the shop!

new shop items

new soul mantras in the shop

Whenever I wire-wrap beads and hammer these whispered soul mantra phrases, my hope is they will be companions for you and remind you that you are not alone as you walk on your path.

May your day be full of peace and light,


trust, rest, and a shop coupon

liz lamoreux

trust . a new bracelet in the shop

Last week, I closed the shop for about ten days to give myself a bit of breathing space. I wanted to spend time with my family and focus on a couple of other projects and big dreams that I am hoping to make real. It was also the breathing space week in my Create Space ecourse, and it was simply nice to practice what I am teaching as I work alongside my current ecourse participants.

This made me think about how we really should give ourselves the gift of a break every now and then. Even though I wasn't actually on a true vacation (oh my goodness I know there is a white sandy beach in Maui calling my name but I won't be visiting her for a long time) and in reality I was working almost every day, I needed to take a break from being in the studio and creating for others. I needed this break so that I could come back refreshed and ready to create these special talismans.

(I am writing more on the idea of rest and redefining what rest can mean as part of the next "Field Notes: Adventures in Creative Self-Care" newsletter series, so stay tuned as I will be sending it out later this week. Sign up here if you want to start receiving this newsletter-only series and other fun things like coupons for the shop, retreat announcements, and so on.)

Earlier this week, as I reorganized my project table where I create most of the Soul Mantras designs, I felt called to create this new "trust" bracelet for myself. I have been working with trust as one of my personal soul mantras for a few months now, using it in meditation and with my personal altar practice. And I have been wearing this word inside a locket. But I felt called to make it even more present. I need to see it on my wrist to remember each day that it is time to trust the love that surrounds me, the wisdom within me, and that I don't have to know and do everything. I paired it with an amethyst crystal to help calm thoughts and give insight. I have been wearing it stacked with my mala beads and a few other bracelets, and it has made me so happy that I decided to add it as a new available design.

As I celebrate getting back into the studio, I am having a 20% off sale in my shop today! Just use coupon code "leap2012" TODAY ONLY to receive 20% off of your entire order. (You just have to click "Apply Coupon Code" right above the item total in your cart. Then enter the code before you check out.)

May today include a bit of what you most need...



heart.full (a shop note)

liz lamoreux

a few of the new items now in the shop, including several new items added to the heart.full collection

Last February, I shared a bit about the girl I used to be:

She wasn’t one for a month all about love or stringing hearts up about the house. She rolled her eyes at the idea of one day when someone you call sweetheart is supposed to buy you roses. She had spent so many days alone that even when she found herself in love and loved in return, she still tried to ignore this need others had to make one day about something that never quite felt real. She was quiet about it but mostly tolerated seeing everyone in red, and then she bought the chocolates when they went on sale.

And in that post, I shared how part of this story changed forever on a day in the summer of 2010. Now I am a girl who loves hearts (as in I kind of can't get enough), who believes that "love is all you need," who believes we must invite in joy and peace and love each day, who believes in turning the idea of Valentine's Day on its head and making it more about love for self, for kindreds, for those who help you say "yes" to knowing you are not alone and that your story matters.

Last February, the Heart.Full Collection was created as a way to say thank you to the hospitals that saved Ellie Jane's life in 2010 and to honor that love comes into our lives in so many ways. 15% of the profits from this collection are split between Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Seattle Children's.

And I am happy to share that starting today through Valentine's Day, I will be giving 10% of all the profits from each item sold in the shop to the Heart.Full Collection contributions I will make this year with your help. Thank you for your support and kindness. Thank you for sharing your stories and catching mine.


I am delighted to share that I am part of 52 Photos Project's Handmade Valentine's Day showcase this week! Each day Bella is highlighting a shop and mine is up today.

I hope you will visit 52 Photos Project throughout the week to see what other good things Bells shares.