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hello beautiful soul

liz lamoreux

For several years now, I've been using the phrase "hello beautiful soul" to begin my newsletters. I use it because when I start writing my notes, I want you to imagine that you're hearing my voice saying those words to you.

I really want you to feel seen when those notes arrive in your inbox.

And when I was brainstorming the phrase I wanted to put on stickers to put on the envelopes I send with orders from my shop, this phrase combined with "you are loved" seemed just right.

When the stickers arrived the quality was so over-the-top awesome that I've started handing them to people as I go about my day. A cashier who was kind, a new friend I made while sitting on stairs in Portland, Oregon, my mail carrier. Because everybody needs a little reminder that they are beautiful and loved and they are seen. YES!

I've even put one on my laptop and my favorite water bottle because I just can't stop myself.

After getting a few requests, I put them in the shop so you can give them to people in your corner too.

They come in sets of 5, 10, and 25 right here.

the sparkle and joy collection

liz lamoreux

The Sparkle & Joy Collection

I have a confession: 

I've fallen in love with glitter. And sequins. And things that sparkle. As in, I can't stop myself. As in, I bought new pink glasses that have glitter in them. (For reals.)

It has spilled over into my shop when I spotted these beads and had to do something with them. Right. Now.

The Sparkle & Joy Collection is (very) limited edition and filled with a few necklaces and earrings to bring a little bit more sparkle into your world!

Check them all out right here.

Today's shop special

Over on my new FB group, I've been sharing shop specials all week. Today's is the Mystery Soul Mantra Necklaceand it's available for only $15 (which is 25% off!). The mystery is that I will choose a soul mantra word for you from my collection of favorites. Words on my studio table today include enough, rest, wonder, worthy, hope, and love. Perfect for gifts and as a surprise just for you.

new silver collection (and a shop coupon)

liz lamoreux

I'm so excited to announce my new silver collection is in the shop. New pewter pendants (with customizable options!), silver-plated lockets, and a few sterling silver pieces (including the popular "so i fly" necklace).

Over the years I've had a lot of requests for silver pieces, and I'm so thrilled to be able to offer some options at several price points.

(And if you look through the new items, you just my spot my tentative word for 2014. Have you been thinking about your word yet? I'm going to spend some time writing about my 2013 word soon and what I've learned from it.)

And just for fun a little pre-holiday sale in the shop! Use coupon code FIFTEEN to take 15% off your order through Friday. (Remember, just click "apply coupon code" right above your shopping cart total and enter the code there.)

Thank you for supporting my shop and my family. I'm feeling deeply blessed to be able to share my stories and create these talismans to be sent out into the world.

Big love,


soul mantra pocket talismans

liz lamoreux

a peek at my studio altar (shell given to me by a family friend over 30 years ago)

I've been dreaming about these little talismans for a while now and I am so excited to share them with you today!

I wanted to create something that you can carry around with you in your pocket. Then each time you feel it, you would be reminded to take a deep breath and remember you are not alone.

love keeping these all together in a bowl on my studio table

You can hold them in yours hand and rub your fingers along the letters and let yourself believe the words hand stamped just for you. You could also place a talisman on your altar or next to your bed or even in your cubicle at work. They will remind you to just be right here and know that you are enough.

These talismans are stamped with the mantras I hold onto, that guide me, that remind me I'm not alone.

You can find them all right here. I hope you enjoy them...

and so i fly

liz lamoreux

Delighted to be including these new postcards with all orders from the So I Fly Collection.

It's been beautiful to read the stories about why people are drawn to the feathers and the birds and the words. The pieces from this collection are often gifted to friends going through difficult times or embarking on new adventures. I gather these stories and tuck them in the pockets inside me so that I can pull them when I need to be reminded of why I do what I do over here in my little studio in the Pacific Northwest.

And I'm so happy that my little shop just keeps growing. Working on some exciting new designs for fall that I'll be sharing some sneak peeks of soon.

Thank you for supporting my shop and my work and my family. I really am blessed.

Sending so much light and love to your corner of the world today...

holiday shop notes

liz lamoreux

the accidentally left justified but still true "you are loved" locket
in the shop and on sale

Thank you so much for all of your holiday orders! I'm sincerely overflowing with gratitude over here. While in the studio this weekend, I came across several lockets and simple soul mantras waiting to be used in necklaces, and I decided to put them all in a sale section in case you need a last minute gift. And one night last week while working a bit too late, I hammered a handful of You Are Loved lockets like the one pictured above. Notice how it is a wee bit left justified? I got into such a groove that I didn't realize I wasn't centering that last word. So I've also put those in the sale section here as everything about them is perfect except that one little off-kilter issue. 

a new mysterious listing in the shop

Sometimes when I'm hammering, words tug on me as though insisting to be hammered into metal for someone to wear as a talisman for their journey. In the last few years, I've learned to listen to words when they tug on me. This means though that I sometimes have a little pile of words hammered into circles just waiting for a home. I've put a new "Mystery Soul Mantra" listing in the shop at a special price (25% off) to give you a bit of an excuse to buy a present for yourself if you need one or a special price if you need to get a handful of gifts for friends. When you buy this listing, I will take a breath and listen for just a moment and then choose a Soul Mantra for you. A little woo woo and hopefully a lot of fun. 

Important Dates :: Please note that this Wednesday is the last day to order a customized item from my shop. The shop will stay open through December 19 and I'll be shipping all US orders by Priority Mail by December 20 so that they will arrive in time for Christmas. I'm still shipping international orders, but I can't guarantee their arrival at this time. I'll be closing for a week to enjoy time with my family and then will reopen on the 27th with a few new Word of the Year necklace designs. 

Sending you so much light and peace today...


you are loved

liz lamoreux

you are loved . a new beaded necklace in the shop

It's that time when the rain has arrived and we are settling in for days of grey punctuated with blue skies and glimpses of the mountain and walks in the green, damp woods.

It feels right, this cocooning that October brings. And it makes it easy to want to settle in for evenings of wire-wrapping beads and listening to words that are asking to be hammered into metal. 

Over the weekend, I added a few new beaded soul mantra locket necklaces to the shop. From now until early December, my plan is to add a few more every few weeks. You will see that custom options are available (a few with beads) as well. I am also able to customize a few of the beaded necklaces in the shop with your personal soul mantra phrase. 

I wear one of my "You Are Loved" lockets often around my neck. I suppose one might think it is egotistical, but I believe that trusting you are loved and loving yourself is one of the best gifts we give ourselves. A reminder I need often.

I hope your day brings with it moments to sit in the quiet and trust as you breathe in and out...


a moving studio sale

liz lamoreux

Over here I am getting ready for a big move: we are converting the garage into my studio/office space this month. We begin this weekend and will be working on it for the rest of the month! Everything is going into boxes and will stay there for a while, which means my Etsy shop will be closed for a few weeks.

As I've been cleaning and organizing, I've uncovered a few Soul Mantra necklaceslockets,bracelets, and earrings that are now in the shop. This week, I hope you will help me clear the way for new creations I'll be making in my new space, so I'm having a sale.

Use coupon code AUGUST20 for 20% off everything in the shop through midnight on Wednesday, 8/8.

To use the code, just click on "Apply coupon code" above the "item total" column when you check out and then enter the code.

And I look forward to sharing photos of our adventure into this new studio space over the next few weeks. (Something tells me it is going to get a bit crazy around here!)