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hello beautiful soul

liz lamoreux

For several years now, I've been using the phrase "hello beautiful soul" to begin my newsletters. I use it because when I start writing my notes, I want you to imagine that you're hearing my voice saying those words to you.

I really want you to feel seen when those notes arrive in your inbox.

And when I was brainstorming the phrase I wanted to put on stickers to put on the envelopes I send with orders from my shop, this phrase combined with "you are loved" seemed just right.

When the stickers arrived the quality was so over-the-top awesome that I've started handing them to people as I go about my day. A cashier who was kind, a new friend I made while sitting on stairs in Portland, Oregon, my mail carrier. Because everybody needs a little reminder that they are beautiful and loved and they are seen. YES!

I've even put one on my laptop and my favorite water bottle because I just can't stop myself.

After getting a few requests, I put them in the shop so you can give them to people in your corner too.

They come in sets of 5, 10, and 25 right here.