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the view from here

1) Reading about Ali's "One Little Word" invitation (and class) has really touched me over the last week or so. I love this image of people around the world giving themselves permission to listen to and then wish for what their soul's most long for in the new year. Yesterday, when I saw all those incredible words posted together, I couldn't stop myself from reading them aloud. And then I recorded them to send Ali a little audio "note" that was more like a poem of possibility so she could hear all the beauty her readers are sharing. She shares my "little note" today on her site. (So if you want to hear all those gorgeous, powerful, one little words read out loud, head to her site and visit this post.) And a big thank you to Ali as she also shared the locket she bought from my shop, so the shop has been hopping a bit with others moved to have their word pounded into a locket.

2) I am now taking custom orders for one (powerful) word simple soul mantra necklaces. I am also taking custom orders for lockets and have streamlined the process a bit, so feel free to email me or just head over to the shop and look around and send me an "etsy conversation." (Current turnaround is about 2-3 weeks for custom orders [see #1]).

3) And other shop news under the gratitude category: Because of my incredible customers, I was able to donate $300 to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital last month. There are still two "seek peace" necklaces available (100% of the profits go to Mary Bridge). I have been so moved by the experience of creating these "stories" that go out into the world. And then, because of you, we were able to give back so other parents who find themselves in an ICU with their child will be able to buy gas to commute to the hospital or food in the cafeteria or have a place to stay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (See this post for the history behind this donation.) I plan to do things like this throughout the year and will share more soon.

4) Currently alternating Joshua Radin and David Whyte on the iPod as I work. Have you heard David Whyte read his books and poetry? Oh my goodness, please start with The Three Marriages (this book is seriously rocking my world right now and pushing me to think about the life I am creating...and listening to him read...well...trust me on this).

5) Thank you for your comments and emails that you shared after watching Monday's video post. I will be replying to your emails in the next few days and am so grateful that you have shared your thoughts about this topic. I have my little bowl of buttons right here next to me, and they have really become a reminder of the ways I can live, and I mean really live, in my corner.

6) So many stories are shuffling around inside me waiting to be shared here. I want to tell you about how I am finally sinking into the truth of knowing that just showing up as me is the way to go. I want to share that even though several people told me that "the being present thing would have to be thrown out the window with a baby around," I am learning more each day about how being here ::right here:: is the path I am called to walk. I want to read you a poem or two. I want to share a chant that I am singing to Ellie each night. I want to share my gratitude about how I have felt deeply seen lately (even when I sometimes feel lost in the challenges that are this path of the last year). I want to invite you to come along on a new journey or two with me soon. Yes. So much I want to share. And as I have the time I will. Yes. I can't wait...