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let's throw open the windows (in your corner)

liz lamoreux

your corner (jan 3) from liz lamoreux on Vimeo.

earlier today, i had the desire to continue the conversation about how we can focus on our own corners and make them beautiful. (visit this post from last month to watch the first [much shorter] video about this idea of letting go of focusing on everyone else's corner and spending time on our own.) this video is a bit longer than i planned (you will understand why a few minutes in), but i just felt moved to share some thoughts that came to me today...

(so you might want to settle in with a cup of tea for the next 12 minutes [or bookmark this to come back later]. if you know me, you will nod when i say that this video really is a bit like having tea with me in this little house of mine.)

and my hope is that we can continue to have this conversation here. i plan to post on this topic every now and then as a reminder to me...to you...that we can work on our own corner so that we can be even more present to share our work (our stories) with the world.


if you feel like sharing your response to my challenge in the video, i would love to hear from you. feel free to email me or share a comment here or maybe you will even share some thoughts on your own blog and let me know. i am really drawn to the idea of how the simplest of prompts can push us to think about who we are and where we stand on our paths. simple is good sometimes. especially when life is full full full and the time for one's self feels a bit non-existent. and taking the time to see yourself (even in small ways like i mention in the video) is a way to remember you in the midst of it all. 


PS and anyone who lives in the seattle/tacoma area who wants to come over and help this "living inside what is real" new mama continue to regroup the world that is the little room so she can actually work in her studio? well, oh my goodness you are so invited over. tea + cookies will be provided.

PPS oh and more soon on the goodness that arrived by post.