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pinned it. did it. {with doña}

liz lamoreux

Note from Liz: Doña is back with a mouth-watering Pinned it. Did it. post. As in I wish I was her neighbor so I could eat some of these kind of mouth-watering post. I heart Pinterest and all the good things we find over there. Read on!


My Pinterest research this week was all about donuts.

Donuts are one of those things that I *could* make at home but would rather not. I just don’t like to make fried food. It is hot and messy and time consuming and then you have all that oil left over. And so unhealthy!

But I found a 6-donut baking pan recently and I knew I’d seen some baked donuts go by in my Pinterest stream. When my daughter asked me this week if we could go get donuts this weekend I decided it was time to tackle the problem of how to make a healthier, less messy, donut at home. 

Baked donuts are big on Pinterest, it turns out. There are simple ones and gourmet ones and everything in between

I chose two recipes to try. The first was Banana Donuts with Browned Butter Glaze. My kitchen helper and I got straight to work.

These donuts might even be considered healthy - not much oil or sugar, because they use banana for moisture. The glaze is pretty much a sugar-butter riot, but it is also so incredibly good. The browned butter elevated them from a kid treat to something special for the grownups, too. The best part about this recipe is that it is really fast. Just about 20 minutes, start to finish. Make the glaze while the donuts are baking and it will be ready to go by the time they are out and cooled. Make sure to let them cool in the pan for a while - these are so moist that they want to fall apart. 

The second recipe I tried was this French Breakfast Donut. I don’t remember eating donuts for breakfast either of the times I travelled in France, but I’m happy to adopt this “breakfast tradition” the same way I’ve adopted the questionably French eggy pancakes that are my Saturday morning specialty. 

These had a longer baking time, but no glaze to make. I was intrigued that the texture of the dough was completely different than the first recipe. Although they both contain similar ingredients, they are in very different proportions. The batter for the banana donuts was very soft, almost like pancake batter. The batter for the french donuts was thicker but the additional baking powder made it light and full of bubbles before I even spooned it into the pan. 

I made two adjustments to this recipe. First, I used soured milk instead of regular by adding a teaspoon of vinegar to the milk, which is basically like using buttermilk. The vinegar may have been why my batter was so bubbly! Also, instead of dipping the cooked donuts in butter before dipping in the cinnamon sugar, I sprayed them with coconut oil (I find this at Trader Joe’s and use it in place of non-stick baking spray). That allowed the sugar mixture to stick, but without quite so much fat. 

The French donuts were my favorite, but my small taster liked the glazed ones best. Of course, she added sprinkles, because what is a donut without sprinkles? 

I’ll definitely make these again. I generally have all the ingredients on hand and they were fast and satisfying. They are also healthy enough that I feel pretty good about feeding them to my kid. Though I might up my game a bit with these Caramel Cider Donuts once the weather cools off...

Sorry donut shop down the street. It doesn’t look like we’re going to be visiting any time soon!

Disclosure from Doña: Some links are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase from the links.


Doña Bumgarner is a writer, artist, mama and a craft project-collector from way back. She loves Pinterest and uses it to help solve a household dilemma at least once a week (see her “pinned and done” board here. She lives in Santa Cruz with her partner, their little one and his almost grown one, and a collection of cats and chickens. She blogs at Nurtured Mama. If you are needing extra support to round out your summer while the kids are home, find her Welcome To Summer resources and printables pack here

Note from Liz: Over here in my corner, I'm focusing on how to "use Pinterest for good." I really see it as a community of people trying to see the beauty and possibility in their lives. I'm continuing to add a few new features here on my blog inspired by or directly about Pinterest as a way to invite others to look for this beauty within a social media community. Connect with me on Pinterest here. Read other "Pinned it. Did it." columns here.